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Is it possible that you can make this game endless? Like the game not to end when something bad happens such as them wanting to destroy you I wanna see what happens.

I love this game! Keep up the good work!

I might've replied to myself oof sorry here (

I use this (

So everytime I try running the game it would load and then crash! Please fix this! This game looks amazing and it interests me!!!!

screenshot (

Hello!!!! This game looks bloody amazing!!! I love everything about yet I don't own it I wish there was TONS more I would love to play this game if I got money for it! Thank you for making me extend my birthday gift list!!

Hey! I am having an issue on start up it would say "Can't create an OpenGL 3.3 rendering Context" Any way to fix this?

Hey I am having a problem with playing the game as it wont allow me to close the beginning section.

This game is amazing you should be proud of this amazing creation!

Well not a game but a generator I would LOVE to download it though.

I wish this game was downloadable.

Unable to play.... An error and wont load.

I wish there was videos on this game!

Bingo! I have found a way to install it.... I feel stupid for even writing this but the reason was because I didn't have winRAR installed on this pc.

Thanks for at least responding I looked all over the internet how to install it and nothing worked so far... Have a great day.

When I do install it gives me a notepad. No, Zip, folder anything. just a notepad that just says not responding here:

Having problems installing it.

not sure how to install it but looks great.