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Happy to be here!!! :D

Loving the art and progress so far!! It's so cool to get more insight on what the two of you have been doing! Wasn't expecting a devlog so soon but extremely excited for the future ones!! 💛 this game is so so promising and great in all of the draft stages already 🥺

Thank you for making such a great game!!! <333 im excited to see what you do in the future- I'm so happy I could make your day !! ;;v;;

Yes, of course! <3

I'm so so excited to see the progress as time goes along!! This absolutely caught my interest and I'm more than ready to support all updates!!! Def hope to make some fanart whenever it's released!!

I played this right after finding your 'Kill the Prince?!' game-- and god, I really loved every single moment of it! The humor, characterization, emotions from Frank and Sylios-- and also the teasing from Sylios was enough for me to instantly root for him in the beginning ;____; when he first showed up I was already hoping Frank could end up with him!

I loooooved the personalities of everyone and the dynamics ;___; Frank's so high energy and has so much character, it was a lot of fun to get to see things through his eyes! And Iggs is just one whole ass mood. And the monster boyfriend was absolutely hilarious-- I loved the customization option! And getting to play another one of your point-and-click games just makes me so so happy and inspires me a lot! I've been looking into point-and-click mechanics and getting the chance to play your games really leave me with a good feeling and so much motivation to keep going!

And this is totally becoming a longer comment, oops, but I loved seeing your initial character design process in the Extras-- as well as the narration/hints there and direct interaction with the player ;___; seeing them in both this and KTP really gave both games even more personality and another fun layer. But yes, I love that you included your character designs in the extras!! I loved all of Frank's expressions and just how he had so many sides to him, too! (And I will forever love Sylios, I am weak.) -- seeing your sketches and world building was super cool to look through and see how the characters and the world changed from the beginning too. And of course, reading more about the world building was great! And I'm glad you decided to make Frank learn a lesson through the end of this (/changing Sylios' motivation)-- because I absolutely want Frank to be happy. and also. love Sylios. cri. (and Iggs with staying with his boyfriend lmao)

The art is phenomenal, the music choices were perfect (I love the main menu music too! and the music that plays while exploring the house!), the UI is great (and such a good choice too! I was immediately impressed by the choice, too-- using a fence design!!!! bruh!!!! the small details make me so happy- and I had to take a solid mo to just be fully impressed about your design choice for the UI!!) Also showcasing extra personality/energy through the font size was a nice touch, too-- I really enjoyed it!  And the backgrounds were gorgeous, the narration for the objects we can interact with was great-- and the whole point-and-click mechanic was seriously just so fitting for the game! 

I've found this game years after it was made, but I seriously can't be more happy! I'm so grateful and glad you created this and shared this!!!! I'm so happy I found your page and your game! You're for sure an inspiration <33

I love this so much! Getting to know the storyline through the characters was so much fun and everything about the writing was so entertaining and great! The game is super cute and amusing, I adored every bit of it! 

And seriously loved the point-n-click mechanism and how much it was utilized here! This whole thing was brilliant!

This game is great! I loved the art and the entire setting-- the characterization was also compelling! Seeing the way everyone reacted completely normal to events happening really made the unsettling vibe set in more, even with the calm music (great choice, too!)-- really love Evan and Helen too, and definitely curious about Helen's character/personality now.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this game progresses, I love this!

This is super cute! I loved Iyo's excitable energy and the way he rattled off so many questions upon first meeting Atom. The art is really really great, too! It's so cute and all of the CGs were adorable ;___; 

I loved this! It's such a cute, short game and I love both the music choice and the art style! Everything about this was enjoyable and cute! I love Sage and Thyme's dynamic (and their names!!) <3

i'm so excited to see! good luck with working on it! :''>

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(I wrote this as a review, but putting it here as a comment too bc I don't think reviews are public & would like other potential players to see it even tho I'm two years late!)

Spent a good few hours on this game! Though I got stuck with the first discussion break (and later on, another one), once I figured out where things went, everything went pretty smoothly! I loved the dialogue and conversations between everyone-- awkward and funny and definitely enjoyable. I love the characters and the twists throughout the gameplay! I'll forever be in love with the game mechanics (the whole investigation + discussion sections) that I didn't know could be done in Ren'py til today. This is a seriously great game!

I don't know if you're still working on the sequel game, but I can't wait to check it out (demo) either way! Seriously loved the art, music, sound effects, and all of the game mechanics you put sm time into. Amazing!

I'm two years late to this game, but I seriously loved it! Mike and Steph's personalities were both really fun in seeing them interact (with each other + with MC) !! I haven't seen a Twitter interactive fic as an entry to game jams before, but I'm so happy I got to see this one! Love the art and this was really cute!