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Damn sorry to hear that!

Certainly feel free to submit what you have, feedback might help you work on it in the future if you decide to, or it might motivate/inspire others!

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Yo that looks awesome!

There's no issue my side. I'm not sure what sort of system or algorithm itch use with showing game jams. But know that the jam is definitely happening :)

Thanks haha. Well that then!

That's a good question. As this is my first jam i'm not sure what the norm is, but I suppose as long as windows is supported it should be fine. Feel free to include any other platforms you may wish to.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes that's totally fine :)

Thank you! Your feedback means a lot to me, I have a lot of ideas on how to improve it however for the foreseeable future I won't be updating the game. I have another game in the works though which will definitely be a lot more complete than this one so stay tuned for that!

Thank you for the quick reply :) I will look into aquiring a copy of the software. However this didn't answer my other query about if there will be computers for use at the event or if we have to bring our own laptop?

Hello, I have only just found out about this Jam and would love to take part. I understand it is a little late to be asking questions. But I cannot find this information anywhere. If we attend the Jam at the location will we be required to own a copy of the engine (and/or bring our own computer), or will these things be provided?