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Luc Cadoret

A member registered Jun 27, 2020

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Hi. I am currently trying to upload an HTML5 game that communicates with a server (it's an .io game). But since the origin is from a CDN (e.g. in my case "from origin '' " as says the error message), I don't know if I can allow this origin on my server, because I'm afraid it'll change often. Can you confirm me that the CDN origin never changes, or point me to a solution to this ?

You can check the issue yourself there by checking your browser console.

Thans !

Hi. This is a nice pack, I just bought it. I think you should specify under which conditions this can be used. I assume this is ok for anything once you bought it, but isn't it better to explicitely say it ?

Also, will you add things in the future ? I personally think a boat would be nice.

Thanks for your work !

hey, is this top-down ?

Hey ! Quick question, is this top-down with 4 direction for each character or only from the side ?