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Lazy Salmoon

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So fun! I love the sound FX, each boss very pretty

Where is the little characters for this tileset? i see them on the screenshots

So cute!!

This is quality content here 💎

I love your pixel style. 

So pretty

Amazing. I love how the updates are so frequently. Truly an artist here

Hi, would you do in the future a Racing pseudo 3D style assets?

Thank you so much for adding ships !

I'm freaking in love with your art. I'm gonna have to buy this one too next week🤩

Omg this game inspired to make one too. 

I love how you made work so well like a real gb.

What resolution did you used for this game ?

thank you very much 

Thank you for replying

Any chance we get more sprites for this racing style. ?

Like streets and props?

I just want to say to the dev "Thank you". This is the most complete and constantly updated asset in the whole The price is very affordable and the quality is top tier.

Art is gorgeous, one of the best purchases I made here.  ❤️

OMG this art is gorgeous! I hope it gets more ! 

I just spent an hour playing, what a fun and cute game! I love the retro vibe!

Please add for linux users