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President evil. kkkkk

Ficou legal. Mas há bugs nos controles. Por exemplo, não dá para des-selecionar um item de defesa. E se o selecionado item for um bar, não dá para voltar atrás.

You have to to disable device detection protection

Could not compile vertex shader

I've did some tests with BF Designer and I'm impressed!
It has a much better approach to syntax highlight than my own BF IDE
It resisted the stress tests very well.
The snippets feature is a real surprise. Reminds me of my work building a compiler which generates brainfuck code.  Oh! The time I spent at brainfuck algorithms.
But congratulations, it seems really good. Plus it is also cross-platform!!

What UI framework did you use?

This is my project with the most downloads. But barely anyone comments anything (and literally no one donates...)
I am not asking for donations here. I want comments? Was my little demo good? Did you like it? Was it bad? Do you hate?
Please answer. It really helps. 
Without comments, I am forced to think that are actually bots who download this game. Just download and go away. 
Human interaction is good, Please review. Please comment.
Thank you.
The author of the software.

Estou usando agora mesmo:
(Using it right now in my pt-br only project)

It runs. But I found it very glitchy. 
I also didn't understand what was I supposed to do.

Sorry, but I still can't find the mac OSX build.

I accept the offer.