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Will there ever be an android version?

mhh ok thx for aswering

Quick question,will there ever be a sheet or something with all the passwords for people who dont care about the whole "find out the password" thing

Hey whit the bug fix the left side of the sight works fine but if i move it to the right it gets stuck i still cant complete the minigame help

mine should be 10

Im having a big issue in the minigame where u have to shot the bandits in the motel on phone or at least for me it is imposible to complete, the sight of the rifle stands in the last place i taped and basicly doesnt move and just apears and disapears like crazy, i managed to only shot one and then the shigt just disapeard and i got the death scene cause i couldnt complete it

This just makes the game imposible to continue on android yall should fix this as soon as posible

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(english is not my first language sorry for the spelling errors)

A new game from echo and another trauma incoming seriusly its just the firs build but dam it was scarry af,i almost cried when i saw devon hanging in the closet,scared the shit out of me especialy the mesage coming from the phone when i played echo it scared me but not this much!, Dang just the first build and im alredy emotionaly atached to devon and cameron (especialy devon im alredy simping over him :3)

Also the laughter GOD that was creepy, i played this in the midle of the night it whas a fricking bad idea! My hands are  still shaking from that

It worked! Tank you random kind tranger :3

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I have to ask am i the only one having truble whit the android build download?

I tried 5 times whit both files and it doesnt work

(English is not my first language sry if i wrote something wrong)

It work's now. tank you soo much for the reply

(firs of all english is not my first language so sorry if i get something wrong)The android build doesnt work i tried joiplay like some coment's say and hugecookie himself but it doesnt work anyway i even tried it in another device and it didnt work and worse it didn't even apear on the files on joiplay will hugecookie fix this and make it downloadable whithout using joiplay (it may sound bad but i dont mean anything bad im just asking) or does anyone know how to fix this or make it work whitout the use of joiplay i played the earlier buld's and the game is nice but like this i can't play it wich i would love to do. please help

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(First english is not my first language so im sorry if i wrote something wrong😅but continuing whit... i tink is caled rating?)

OMG it's great i really loved it's really sad for a second it seemed like reading a shakespheare tragedy and the good ending was great and i cried hooo God I CRIED those 2 "bad ending's" were realy sad,and all those thought's that will and finn had about each other semed soo real and full of sadnes as they tought they were unreacable to eachother,i really loved it and it's sad it's just a short story cause it was great it could have been a great visual novel per se but i know Gruntsteel and Drakes are alredy working on Distant travels and limits but  this "universe" was beautyfull, again it's sad it's just a short story but even being a short story it was full of emotions 10/10  (or with the stars rating)5/5 great story😊😊😊thought i can say it would be grat for the game to be piloshed a bit more (i just hope Distant travels and limits wont have sad endings like this my heart probably couldn't handle it anyway thank's for this expirience and much love😁) (and there are some errors but another user alredy reported them but even whit those eror if u ignore them the game is still good

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Ho ok thx for answering ^_^

Cool game can i just ask for an android version cause it would be easyer for some people to play this .i had to use a friend's mac thx

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I realy like the game but could'nt u just make apk files istead of rar that would make it a lot easier to download

ok tank's a lot for the reply

Good game but couldnt you add an android version i had to play this on a computer of a friend

just finished the game and ho my god its amazing!, the sprites and background are beautyfull and the dialog is quite funny, and to me it gives a sense of nostalgia and the art look's like a better version of the art of adastra and the story is amazing im reaaaaaaly looking forward to the next update

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Just beautyfull and funny and the sprites are a real piece of art, i alredy fell in love whit this game and the characters ,and (for me & spoilers) the talking spirit/roock is realy weird but its funny to have a horny gost around the main caracter (and so weird that he/she watches him pee) soo continue the game from the ones i played on itch this, is one of the best's  (sorry if i speeled something wrong im not english but i pretty much know the language)

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For being your first visual novel its reeeeeealy well made ,good job

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wen i try to download the game it just says app not instaled and i tried like 5 times and it still didnt work but with old versions it worked and whit the versions on patreon i instaled the game and wen i play it, it closes after 5 second .could you do somenthing about it?

(Im using android version)

Could u make this game for android too plz