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Steady your heart, my friend. 路 By Drakes, GruntSteel

Saw it,played it and loved it

A topic by Foxdy created Feb 01, 2021 Views: 329
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(First english is not my first language so im sorry if i wrote something wrong馃槄but continuing whit... i tink is caled rating?)

OMG it's great i really loved it's really sad for a second it seemed like reading a shakespheare tragedy and the good ending was great and i cried hooo God I CRIED those 2 "bad ending's" were realy sad,and all those thought's that will and finn had about each other semed soo real and full of sadnes as they tought they were unreacable to eachother,i really loved it and it's sad it's just a short story cause it was great it could have been a great visual novel per se but i know Gruntsteel and Drakes are alredy working on Distant travels and limits but  this "universe" was beautyfull, again it's sad it's just a short story but even being a short story it was full of emotions 10/10  (or with the stars rating)5/5 great story馃槉馃槉馃槉thought i can say it would be grat for the game to be piloshed a bit more (i just hope Distant travels and limits wont have sad endings like this my heart probably couldn't handle it anyway thank's for this expirience and much love馃榿) (and there are some errors but another user alredy reported them but even whit those eror if u ignore them the game is still good