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Test Wizard 2 community · Created a new topic Sorry

I am super sorry about the long-anticipated wait for next update. I have been struggling with developing the game because of two main reasons. I had to rearrange my room and upgrade my computer. I got a new desk and new devices with lots more control and power. I also have been struggling since I have no developing team meaning that every update made is made by me. I have more time to work on it no that my life has become a little tamer so as of now I can say that development for Test wizard 2 has officially started back up and running and that i will try to make updates at least twice a month.

Sincerly, Lucas

Test Wizard 2 community · Created a new topic Current Plan

My current plan for this game is probably to just bug fix, and clean up the animations, I also will add a different question structure in the future but as my birthday approaches I will begin to transition this game out and focus on projects I need to also work on. I might be taking another break on this game again but this time for good reason because I am going  to need to work on another  project that hasn't been released yet.

Sincerely, Lucas and Flat Plane Studio team

Test Wizard 2 community · Created a new topic Update Gap?

As you know the development of this game posed a long journey of the beginning and continuation of the game. The game took a little bit to create because of the main game mechanics and the way the game was oriented. Now that is had a somewhat goo base for the game I took a break and the game faded to the back of mind but since you guys have been waiting for a little for the release of a second update I will be releasing. You may be wondering if this is the end of the update gap and to that I say no. I think that this announcement will mention the fact the game is now continuing to get developed now. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Lucas 

Note: I have discord server called Flat plane Studio

I will be in that discord server actively and give you updates on development more often:

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Hello Everyone I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Test Wizard Two is going to be released today however the bad news is that it only has two questions and that the puzzle has been put on hold due to slow progress and animation issues.  This will be an HTML file and will allow to play on computer and mobile however with this there are  few things we need to get straight and that the game is very incomplete and that the platform levels won't get mobile support until after the release of the platform levels. I have big plans for this game but that can't all happen this month so because of that I will be releasing a version that has all the complete assets. I will continue to work on the platform side of things and add animations but until then no updates after this.

Sincerely, Lucas

Hello everyone, Test Wizard 2 has been getting great development and may be released when the third question is finished however just because there are three question doesn't mean that it is going to release with just questions. That's right we are going to have a few platform levels and maybe even some puzzles. Get ready.

Sincerely, Lucas

LBlock community · Created a new topic I'm Back

Hello I'm back and I am currently planning on an LBLock 2 as I did finish making LBlock despite the bugs. Probably just gonna make a revamp and post like I did for my other game series, Test Wizard, so that being said it won't come out for a while since it's such a big project.

Hello Everyone Today I finally released the remake of Test Wizard 1 and I am also currently working on Test Wizard 2 and have some cool things in store for you all. Also Test Wizard 2 will include a lot of new types of game play and has lots in store for you all. I do believe that the new UI element will be loved by you guys and will improve Test Wizard as a whole to a new level of creativity and freshness. The new gameplay features and file type will allow you to play Test Wizard 2 in the browser and won't require python thanks to the game engine I'm using. Before I go I don't have a released date yet since it's still a work in progress so because of that it probably won't be out until late February or early March but no promises as there is a lot of things anticipated for this game and a lot things I need to do to make this game run smoothly so enjoy the revamp version for now.

Sincerely, Lucas

Hello Everyone I'm back to Test Wizard and will be remaking Test Wizard 1 to fix some bugs and make some better code.

Jumping Blob community · Created a new topic Bad News

Bad news everyone,  as of right now I lost the file for the game and because most the work is gone I will have to shutdown Jumping Blob.


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This is my game Jumping Blob. In Jumping Blob your goal is to complete levels as of right now the game very active in updating and I expect my next update this week or next week you check it out using the link at the bottom.

Sincerely, Lucas

It is sad to say I am no longer working on Lblock or on any game that is under that Lblock umbrella so because of this I am focusing on a new game called Unknown game which is a 2d physics game also I had just came back to gdevelop so progress is slow. I am also working on a new text game that I won't spoil but trust me both games will be fun I have mainly focusing python than gdevlop and also I had lost a lot my data on computer so for now on I will now back up all my game data on github and on a external hard drive 32gb.

Sincerely, Lucas

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Test wizard 2 progress is slow

Test wizard is getting a new game to the series called Test wizard 2. Test wizard 2 along with Test wizard 1 are getting updated. This will include new questions a new variable system and more. Test wizard 1 will get bug test not as often as it used to. Also, with this new change Test wizard 2 will need more room an a prototype version will be put up soon.

Thank you for listening

From-Lucas and Test wizard team

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Test wizard is currently not being work on right now, by me and the team as we had almost lost the file for it. Even if the file wasn't lost, me and the team will not be working on the game for a while. The game is at a point at which we have no more ideas for it at the moment, so we'll just stop working on it.  No longer we will work on it and so we don't know what is next. New update coming soon. We will start working on it as soon as possible as of right now we currently are not working on any new programming. Feel free to use the source code in the download to make mods. I would be very grateful any maybe your mods might come game if you give me permission. Send it to my email Also, that is my personal email not my business one my business on is email me to give suggestions.

Thank you for listening.

From- Lucas and the Test wizard team

Development on the next update has started and you can expect by the end of the week!

Sincerely, Lucas and the Test wizard team

New update coming soon

this game is open source so you can get access to the code in the download page

Also After 3 days I will smoke up a juicy update

Hello everyone I won't be posting updates for 3 days!

can be answered at my email

LBlock community · Created a new topic Sad news

I'm moving on to another platform topersue more. I hope you enjoy this game but we are moving and so that mean that we will no longer update our game on

The game is still being worked on but we have started to focus on LPJump more than our other game because of this trhe update will probably be delayed even more than  before. We are going to try and get the update out as soon as possible.

LBlock community · Created a new topic Strange news

The platform character after all it's changes it is finished and will never come to mobile. No more updates on the platform character.  Also the platform character is no longer tested.

LBlock community · Created a new topic I'm back

I'm finally back after a while I have been taking a break from developing the game. So now I my employee and developing break is finish for now. Also most artwork is done by me Lucas so try not to give to much credit to my employees. So today I will start working on update and you shoiuld get soon but probably not today also I'm starting a beta. It is called Lblockearly.

LBlock community · Created a new topic New Game

This is now available  for most platforms including mobile and all pc platforms.

So Linux is done but the day Gabe201215 start working on the game again Linux will be released.

However links to new version are here.

LBlock community · Created a new topic New Version

 Lblock Linux Edition is coming to you guest it Linux. Lblock Linux Edition will get updates later and is not up to date often so please wait as we get it prepared for Linux.  Also please enjoy apple computers because you will mostly get the update faster than anyone else.

LBlock community · Created a new topic New developer here

We have a new developer to are game this is going to be fun.  Suki are new developer will be posting regularly about new ideas and secret game features.

Sincerely, Lucas

Nevermind going to continue Lblock no Lblock modded.

LBlock community · Created a new topic Hi some sad news.

Lblock will be moved to a new title/game that is going to be very similar. It is going to be called Lblock modded. I will call it for short LBM. LBM will probably be released around February 1st or 2nd so look out for that. Also Lblock itself will continue to get small bug fixes or small changes however nothing really big will come out anymore.

LBlock community · Created a new topic My games future

Lblock is a base to my new game LRunner.


LBlock community · Created a new topic Welcome

I'm the creator and I have release the first update I will try to post often and I will try to get updates out as soon as I can. Me and my partner are working hard everyday to get something new out. I won't post new updates daily but I will try to get a update out as soon are as often as I

Town Talker community · Created a new topic My new game.

You can get it at this link it is downloadable you build and destroy.

I've had some great progress on town talker 2 including some new features like bigger arrows to make it easier to click. I would like to tell you the first phase alpha.

Town Talker2 is back in roll posting town talker mobile edition is coming out today. Hope you enjoy it also today I'm releasing the first photos of Town Talker2.  Some more news is that I might be able to get Town Talker2 out by March or later hope your exited because prototypes are releasing soon for Town Talker2 . Hope you enjoy bye.

Sincerely Lucas