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Thank you! Yes we completely agree, many people have reported this so it's at the top of the our patch list. Hopefully we'll have time for it soon.  :)

Thank you very much for the kind words! I don't think I've seen someone finish the game so quickly, respect! :) 

Thank you very much! You pointed out a lot of our key ideas during development and seeing you appreciate them really makes my day!

Well...I don't know what you mean with "good ending" but there really isn't one at the moment, all the paths end the same way. Which is something i should definitely work on, anyway that you for playing the game! :)

At the moment there aren't :c

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Yes i agree with you, it definitely needs more work! Thank you for you feedback. :)

Thank you!! That definitely put a smile on my face :)

Well.. yes that was weird. Looks like i unintentionally bugged the ending of the game while trying to fix some bugs before release. I fixed it now but i must admit that a floating mysteriousHamburger is a great ending!

The Perfect Game is a little narration-driven Game that i developed. Playtime is less then 10 min if you only play one branch of the story, so if you have a little time i´d like to know what you think of it. 

I´m open to every kind of feedback and if you feel like conversing about one of the topics discussed by the narrator feel free to start a discussion right here.