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Saul Cross contributed to this! 

I just finished l'Abbaye des morts and LOVED it. 

Buying my copy right away :D

Love it, love it, love it! 

A single thing would make it even better: savegames (codes / whatever). 

Keep rocking. 

Rest in peace

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Those boss fights are second to none!
Metamorphosis, new patterns, just...
Incredible, just incredible.

This is perfection :D

Will try it tomorrow, thanks :)

I play the game daily, I feel like I got an AAA release for my c64! :D
Will it be possible to save the high scores on the kung fu flash?
If not never mind, I am more than happy playing on my pi1541 :


Just bought it, yesterday I was busy with pizza night but my head was all on it! 

So happy you made it with the usual, joy, amazing artistic and technical capabilites. 

Deeply thanks for what you do for the c64 community :) 

This is beautiful too!

So beautiful!

Sorry but I am new to the amiga planet... 

Will this work on my amiga 500 with trapdoor ram expansion? 

Thanks :)

Wow! Thanks :D

I have donated via kofi, I will download for free... 

Sorry I didn't check this page before :) 

Keep rocking! 


Yet another update for this marvelous game :D

I will try to move my savegame tonight, hopefully. 

Thanks :) 


I bought it and went apeshit in a moment!
One of my goals in life now is get to 100.



I love it deeply, a perfect remix of two great games. 

I wish I had an amiga to play it... 

Any suggestion on good emulator?

wow this is just trippy!

Short, intense, beautiful.

Thanks for this nice experience.


Keep rocking! :D

Very interesting! 

I will try it, thanks! 

Congratulations! I snagged my copy in a nanosec :D

Cool concept!
Perfect technical realization and catchy music!

I love this, I wish I could invent and make games this cool / minimalistic.

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This is just lovely!
It controls perfectly and the graphics are very nice and readable.
Love the bricks.

There is just an issue I noted that in the end of the level in Puzzle Bobble you just get the type of balls that are left on the screen (if only green and blue are left you will get either a green or blue as next ball or something similar).
In your version you can get any ball color always so it is quite hard to finish the level.

As a nice to have I wish it had music but also like this it is a very nice game that I will play with pleasure on my real C64 :D

Thanks for playing :) 

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What a marvelous love letter to Tetris and the Gameboy! 

The idea of turning it upside down is as simple as innovative. 

Amazing job. 


I know it is not in original tetris but having an instant drop key (up?) would make it nicer for aggressive / competitive players :D

Thank you for playing! 

Have a great day :) 

Thank you for playing! :) 

The two players option is imho the best one because my "AI" is... 

Not amazing lol. 

Thanks for playing!

Actually is a good idea and I should make it slower, at least in the "easy" setting.

Thanks for playing!

This is very good point and also another player shared the same suggestion...
I will improve providing better instructions, thanks :)

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Thanks for playing!

That is actually a good idea :O
Sometimes we take for obvious and granted what...
It is not!

If the game is a bit too nasty (those damn retro games!) you can lower difficulty in the settings.

Have a great day :)

Thanks for playing!

It is indeed a nice suggestion, I will implement something like "press button when ready"...
Good idea! :)

Please let me download it or put it on splore so I can play it on my Gameboy Zero XD

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I have a powerful SNK (Neo Geo Pocket Color, specifically) feeling and I like it :D

I wish there is some weird and bio-risky way to put it in my Vita... 

Is it Gamemaker 1.4, by chance? 

Totally deserved! 

Your games are a perfect mix of technical marvels, variety and good challenge. 

I had a blast playing Santron during Xmas in my PSP :D

Keep rocking. 

I can finally put my sticky hands on this!

Yey! :D

You are a factory of cuteness! 

Can't wait to try it :D


Some pico-8 love! 

Cool style :D

I've tried your game and it is indeed a nice implementation!

If will try to give you two small suggestions to make it imho nicer:

  • Use also a small icon in addition to card colors (it will make memorization process easier / more fun)
  • Implement a timer that will auto-cover the cards if the match failed.

I've found a nice / easy / well done timer API here:

Thanks for sharing your game and happy hacking :)