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Thanks for playing :) 

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What a marvelous love letter to Tetris and the Gameboy! 

The idea of turning it upside down is as simple as innovative. 

Amazing job. 


I know it is not in original tetris but having an instant drop key (up?) would make it nicer for aggressive / competitive players :D

Thank you for playing! 

Have a great day :) 

Thank you for playing! :) 

The two players option is imho the best one because my "AI" is... 

Not amazing lol. 

Thanks for playing!

Actually is a good idea and I should make it slower, at least in the "easy" setting.

Thanks for playing!

This is very good point and also another player shared the same suggestion...
I will improve providing better instructions, thanks :)

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Thanks for playing!

That is actually a good idea :O
Sometimes we take for obvious and granted what...
It is not!

If the game is a bit too nasty (those damn retro games!) you can lower difficulty in the settings.

Have a great day :)

Thanks for playing!

It is indeed a nice suggestion, I will implement something like "press button when ready"...
Good idea! :)

Please let me download it or put it on splore so I can play it on my Gameboy Zero XD

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I have a powerful SNK (Neo Geo Pocket Color, specifically) feeling and I like it :D

I wish there is some weird and bio-risky way to put it in my Vita... 

Is it Gamemaker 1.4, by chance? 

Totally deserved! 

Your games are a perfect mix of technical marvels, variety and good challenge. 

I had a blast playing Santron during Xmas in my PSP :D

Keep rocking. 

I can finally put my sticky hands on this!

Yey! :D

You are a factory of cuteness! 

Can't wait to try it :D

I love this!

Can't wait to show it to my baby daughter too :D

She's a bit too young now (2 y.o.) but time will come.

I am also planning to write a similar game for her...

Did you use any PICO-8 framework or you just started from scratch?

Great inspiration, thanks!


Some pico-8 love! 

Cool style :D

I've tried your game and it is indeed a nice implementation!

If will try to give you two small suggestions to make it imho nicer:

  • Use also a small icon in addition to card colors (it will make memorization process easier / more fun)
  • Implement a timer that will auto-cover the cards if the match failed.

I've found a nice / easy / well done timer API here:

Thanks for sharing your game and happy hacking :)


Hi there...
I wanted to try your game but maybe you forgot to upload it?

I've tried it on Google Chrome but I only see the paddle going up and down...
What am I doing wrong?

This is beautiful!

If someday you happen to do a tiny one for PICO-8 I will be very happy :D

I am keeping my fingers crossed for Necrocosmos... 

* bows *

A tiny jewel,  well polished :)

Congratulations for the book and its Kickstarter campaign! 

I will get one 100%. 

Is it possible to buy a printed version? 

If yes, where? 

Thanks :) 

Love it!
Thanks for sharing, it will be great inspiration for my tiny PICO-8 shooter :D

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I finally had time to implement the requested change.
Quite interesting programming challenge too: I had to implement a timer :)

Thanks for the suggestion, I wish you a great day.

Hi @nighteye424!

Really thanks for your kind feedback :) 

Sure thing and great idea. 

I will work on the change and prepare the update. 

Have a great day! 

Woah this is a dream! I wish you did it all in PICO-8 so I could read the code and learn a bit.
One of the best shoot'em'up on pc for...

Ages! :)

Ahahahahah great laugh :D

Wow this is awesomeness :D

I will try it on my small pong clone, amazing share!

This is awsome :D

Hahahah, a tiny flower! 

I loved the cute sprites and the humor.