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Thank you for taking my thoughts into consideration as well as making such a cool project! Best of luck with the rest of the game!

Really cool demo! I think that it has a lot of potential & I was pretty intrigued by the mirror portal in the good ending.

One thing that I think could be improved upon was the monsters. They were pretty slow, so I didn't feel the need to fight them off at all. I think that including a variety of different enemies would benefit the gameplay.

I really liked how the setting & situation was introduced though. The chase scene in the beginning was really strong & helped me become immersed within the world.

Overall, I can really see this becoming something really cool in the future. Great job & I can't wait to see the full game! :)

I am very much interested & I just played the sequel! Great job on both! Thanks for checking out my video as well! :)

I really loved this visual novel! The perfect sequel to the first game. The looking around mode was a really awesome addition! The escape room was my absolute favorite. Things like that really spice up visual novels in my opinion. Great job, I can't wait to see your future projects!

This was such an adorable & chill experience! I love the simplicity of the story. Makes me wish that I was in their friend group lol! I also love the music & art style. Wonderful job!

I love this demo! The story is engaging & the atmosphere & pacing were executed so well. The art style, music, & sound effects added a lot to the experience as well. I was so immersed! I also really liked how Kirin went into the elevator first, not Asahi. It really built up suspense. I can't to see what this game has to offer in its full release! Wonderful job!

This demo has such a cute concept & setup! I'm pretty intrigued by the roses & the dance of the roses. I'm so excited to see how the overall story will progress, as well as all of the different routes! Nora was well written as well, I'm already attached! Also, I really liked how Nora showed Akane the music on her phone. It was such a nice detail to include. The only thing that I think could be improved upon is some of the wording. I played the English version & there were a few grammatical errors. If I'm not mistaken, the original was written is Spanish, making the English version a translation. Please know that I could understand everything & overall it was a good translation. But I think that the game would benefit from another proof read. Great job overall! I can't wait to play the full game! The plot & characters are so solid already. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, very cool! Keep up the good work! :)

I really loved this demo! The atmosphere & story make it a very engaging experience. Love the style, the game has a lot of charm! The only thing that I think could be improved upon is the pc controls (I don't have a controller). I think it would be easier to control with wasd instead of the arrow keys. I can't wait to see the finished product & I'm excited to see where the story goes! Great job & best of luck with the rest of your project!

A short but pretty cool spooky experience! Really nicely done! I love the pacing & suspense build-up. Fun characters as well. Can't wait to see what other projects you do in the future!