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I guess is the first size, the one telling the true space.

(is in spanish and a bit darker)
Because if is the last one ... Well I need to rework all the proyect xD

Ah ok ;)
Glad I don't update without asking ;)

Thanks for the reply

I can update the game ? if that is true there's some kind of step ?

I got some feedback and those changes would be nice to do.

I don't understand well this . Or well , want to make sure this is what I think.

If my game is more than 32kb but zipped is 32kb or less is valid ?

Also , no strange compression true ? no rar or ace or 7z ?

Thanks for the reply !
It was more hard at the start, and don't have the time to balance all things out , so I end rounding the prices to pairs and simplly uploading it.
I need to test a bit the difficult .