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Hi TurtleBox, if you're not already in our Discord you should try there too!

On the game's itch page Baz made a day 1 through 17 of us developing the game and artwork, that should answer some of the questions you had.

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing Thund :)

We spent a couple days fine tuning the how long the game would last so the grindy part of it did not feel like it was fixing to be a burden. We feel like we end RIGHT as that point begins!


Thanks for playing.

Man the seems like the entire PGM community is showing up right now :D

Thanks for playing! :)

Fun project Kendall and company :) The point where you're just a kid... walking around with these body parts...

Nothing to look at here folks just keeps moving!

Thanks for playing.

Thank you for playing :)

I did not think of the Rune Factory angle.

Thanks for playing!

My stopping point was after I cleaned out the courtyard area and talked to most of the NPCs. I had to leave to run errands, so I did not complete the game for reference to this comment.

- Theme was used in story
- I always love the retro aesthetic
- I enjoyed the dialogue. The humor was on point when it was inserted, and I did not feel like I was being drug on with text box after text box. All the small interactions I had with the shop keeper, the dog, dad, and other NPCs was fun.
- I did not get drug down in the battles since the battles were scripted, which also kept a good pace.

Really enjoyed what I had time to play before I left!

Well done and good luck in the jam! :)

Well done.

- Theme is used in the overall story.
- The art is solid.
- Progression was designed well through the game, 1 map, 1 boss, next set of maps after that.

- Controls are clunky, but that is RMs fault, not the dev.

This is a solid little loop. RE:Ralibur could be improved upon much by porting it to PGM as long as it stays close to scope it's in now. It would improve the controls and the Zelda like feel it has.

Again excellent entry! :)

Thanks for the playthrough keeper.

Welcome to the PGM community.

Thanks for playing! Chill sums up the game well I feel. :)

Thank you for the support.

Ty sir for playing.

Ty sir!

Looks like you drew your own art for the project which is a nice touch.

GL in the jam! :)

Ty sir!


Ty sir!

Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you sir!

Thank you for the nice words!

Thank you very much for the kind words!

ty sir!

Ty sir!

Ty very much sir! :)

Thank you very much!

Thank you sir!


Thank you Standard Enemy!

Thank you sir!

Thank you for kind words.

Thank you sir!

Thank you for the compliment!