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This. Is. Amazing. 

I am already following your progress for some time on twitter and today I was wondering whether a playable version of the things you post exists.  And then I found your work on

I spent good two hours exploring the worlds available in the demo and they are beautiful and breathtaking.  The technical execution is awesome - I have not yet seen a fractal raymarcher (at least I think that is what you are doing) that would run so well and look so good on my hardware.  I have always upwards of 40fps on a Radeon R9 270X with an older i3 processor running at 1920x1080.

Concerning features - I am looking forward to seeing the features you post on twitter in a future version of your work.  Especially the part where the fractal grows back.  Maybe even other fractals / variations.  And maybe a standalone fractal explorer with scene composer would make sense.  Something in the style of FlowScape but for 3D fractals.  An editor where one could interactively tune fractal parameters.  And maybe one more thing - VR version of your work.  I do not yet own any VR hardware but this just might be one of the killer apps for VR for me.