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The good news is that Robo Rally was made by Richard Garfield before he went on to make MTG soooooo maybe that means we'll go on to make something amazing too!

We were talking about what we wanted to make and one us said, "Have you ever heard of Robo Rally?". Everyone said no, looked it up, and then we all said, "Yep. That's what we're making!"

Pushed a second bugfix after submission. Sorry Luke! You can verify that only 5 total lines changed after submission:

Pushed one bugfix after submission. Luke said it was fine though!

Aesthetic is top notch and those spiders were excellently modelled and animated. Great work!

Super solid concept! Taking down giant mechs by myself makes me wanna go play Mega Man Legends again!

Final build is up now and working. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Try it out now. It's probably going to get another update or two before the end of the jam, but at least it shouldn't break anymore!