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The things I hate:

- Platformer jumping

- Platformer double jumping

... but this one is good.

Good work, 10/10

We need a speedrun version of this, lol

Stuck on level 4, but the graphics, the game and level design are so amazing! Totally love it :3

Good start ;)
You can also try making the ball turns more responsive for the player. I couldn't understand what I'm doing for a first few runs

Yeah, I can eat all the candies I want!


except the last one :c 

Truly a good and fun scripting. Nice work! :)

The game is so much fun :D Laughed hard at the "secret" room xD

Nice art, nice concept. I think it needs a little tutorial or time to figure out how to stop losing this game :D

But it's still pretty nice :)

I've started over and I think now I understand what I actually have to do and what not to do

Nice graphics and all, but I can't tell if I did everything right or wrong :/

A Simple Test: as seen on YouTube :D

twf you watch a video of a game yesterday and accidently find it on itch the day after

Such a nice retro-style game. All the aesthetics, sounds and the pain in the eyes after a 20 minutes of playing :D

Absolutely awesome :3

Keep going!

Nice puzzle game :)

aaaaawwww such a cute graphics :3
But sometimes I have to sacrifice a coin so I don't get hit by anything. Maybe it's supposed to be like that, but I dunno.

Anyways, good job! ;3

nvm that, I just got rid of the naming xD

Yeah, that's better :) Thanks

That's... just cute :)
I hope she's happy :3


I'm always on the enge and I hate my boss.

Graphics are cute, music is catchy and I dunno I just love it!

This is the best thing I've seen on this jam so far. I freaking love it!

And I freaking hate my boss after a first wave xD

Great job! Totally + fave

wow, when I saw a title I didn't expected that it will be THIS TINY :D

A good concept :)

Couldn't hold my self not to mute the music and sing along the Spider-Man Animated Series (1994) main theme xD

Not a bad one for a first one :)
Stay motivated!

Wow, such a simple game and still... crashed my browser O_o
It's memory leaking faster than I getting an understanding of what should I find .__.

(1 edit)

The game needs a tutorial. 5 minutes in and I still can't figure out what to do and what I'm actually doing

I feel like I don't really know where will I end up after pressing a movement button. I mean, I definetly see a tile, but it still too hard for me to define where I am going xD
But still a nice game :)

It's fun, but I feel like the game needs to speed up a bit :)

>You lasted until day 4

Well, at least I've tried to get rich xD
Nice one!

If you try to grapple from below the camera - you can reach inormous speed and fly throught a very long distance :D
Also, you can avoid death by just staying grappled and waiting until the rope brings you up

And still game has a good music, idea and tempo ;) gj

wellp, no :D It still appears now in "Expert"-mode

Followed you to not miss this out ;)

This is a pure chaos! :D
But I managed to get to the end of the game ;)
Keep up and keep participating!

Nice artwork and character design!

  • First demons are way too strong for the first monsters in game :D
  • Why do they bleed so much?
  • Why do chests bleed? :thinking:

Hope you'll continue on this ;)

Looks kinda cute, but I couldn't figure out how to build proper roads :(

nice sun, lol :D

A really clever use of this jump mechanic, nice one! :D

But it takes a long to restart after a failure

Seems fun, but I've met a bug when a character slowed down for a while. I dunno if this is a negative effect or a bug, but I'll better tell about it in the comments :D

And also there's something wrong with a sword sounds. They have a clicking sound in the end at the left channel. At the first few swings I thought that my headphones are broken :(

Asteroids have stopped spawning after a while... I guess I've finished the game? :D

You forgot a barrel roll xD

Just a few platforms
You can land on the "Play" button