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Loutre perfide

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Sry got confused with my twitter feed :D

Thank you!

Glad you managed to found out the issue. I'll still buy the game since I really love the atmosphere and I want to support your studio.

Can't wait for your next game with the adorable fox <3

I play with the zip file provided in the press section of itch.io and yes I have Steam installed.

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I'm having the exact same problem.

In fact, I do things differently, I pick up the vest, the book, put them in the case and close it (taking it). Then I talk to the lady and go look for the medecine. Maybe I should try to take the medecine before I close the case.

Yep, It seems I don't have the destination choices when I click on the door. I saw another Youtube video having the exact same issue :(


I can't seem to be able to open the door after I packed my suitcase with the medecine, the vest and the book. No matter how many times I try to open the door, it doesn't work.

Is there any workaround?

Replied to KEXBOY in bug reports

Same :(

Got Windows 10 64bits with a 1070, 16g ram and an i5.

Replied to KEXBOY in bug reports

Still crashing when I try to go to the corridor after I found the phone.

Working now, thank you!

Will try it later, thanks


I'm at the chapter with gun on the table after... well after what happened and the game seems to crash whenever I get the gun.

I can't move to go the door.

Known issue?