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Loutre perfide

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Hello, I can't edit my keybindings. I tried to modify the left movement and now it dissapeared and I have like 4 times move right binded to the same key.

Is there a way I can reset the keybindings somewhere?

Even in an ini file?


Sry got confused with my twitter feed :D

Thank you!

Glad you managed to found out the issue. I'll still buy the game since I really love the atmosphere and I want to support your studio.

Can't wait for your next game with the adorable fox <3

I play with the zip file provided in the press section of and yes I have Steam installed.

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I'm having the exact same problem.

In fact, I do things differently, I pick up the vest, the book, put them in the case and close it (taking it). Then I talk to the lady and go look for the medecine. Maybe I should try to take the medecine before I close the case.

Yep, It seems I don't have the destination choices when I click on the door. I saw another Youtube video having the exact same issue :(


I can't seem to be able to open the door after I packed my suitcase with the medecine, the vest and the book. No matter how many times I try to open the door, it doesn't work.

Is there any workaround?

Same :(

Got Windows 10 64bits with a 1070, 16g ram and an i5.

Still crashing when I try to go to the corridor after I found the phone.