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Yes but like, Howw

How do you make assets like these?

:) Thank you

lol,  Thanks!

wow. This is a very good game. I can see a ;lot of time and effort has been put into it. Amazing!

Thank you very much!

This is an addicting game. I just love whacking the birds with stones. I also love how I throw a stone, and then the bird dives and I completely miss. Definitely beats the boredom!

Thanks! That was what I was going for (chilled platformer). Although I also made the mistake of adding the music in too early. So now I don't hear music. I hear all the mistakes and off key's and I literally can't listen to it anymore :P)

Thanks! yeah, I might just wanna add more levels first though ;)

Yes that would be true. The reason for that is because I think I was sitting on the back of my chair more to the right side of my laptop when I recorded it. I don't really notice though because my headphones are already pretty broken. I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of my cat on my desk eating my headphone wires :shrug:.

Oh okay, I will play for a bit longer to find it!

oh right! I misunderstood, it is ll working now :)

Oh damn, I didn't even notice! But the door thing is a feature right? ;-)

it's a neat little game :)

:D what are you programming it in?

I like the aesthetics of this game!

yeet, cool, but I can just cheat and hold down the spacebar! I like the aesthetics of this game :)

hmm, I couldn't move that is weird. I tried using the arrow keys and space but after clicking start nothing happened :/ I am using chrome

very funny too, (the burger)

I like the overall feel of this game, very good!

Oh true! that would actually be pretty cool I think.

I really like the look of this game! just one issue... hmm it doesn't seem to want to let me leave XD I have to keep playing this game forever! but seriously, I believe this could be developed further, it has the look of a professional game already. Maybe you could add a building mechanism or something. I reckon that would be pretty cool!

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I do like the sound effects XD!

also kinda easy ngl

Haha there is a glitch; if you go halfway through the door, you can see through it! anyway nice game, I like the pixel look and the speed of it. Only thing I could think you should add is sideways and backwards movement of the player when you press A, D, and S. Great game!

This is a very cute game! the only things I can say that you might wanna improve, is to possible make the enemies stand out more from the background, and to give the player weapon upgrades. Overall it is a really cool game nice work! :)

This is a great game concept (of having like 'safety spots' kind of like in baseball with the bases. It is very cool, and I love the artstyle!

very cool! you should make the minimap display sideways so it is less confusing when I move around :D

Epic game! I like the layout and the feel of it! (especially the story)

This is veryy addicting!

wow very addicting!

Thanks, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out :)

XD I was hoping the “music” so called wouldn’t be to bad!

thanks! yeah you can tell I get better at making levels as the game progresses.

haha, why play minecraft, when you can play MossCraft less goooo <o/  (<--- classic)

good idea!

oh 32 lol I'm still on like 10 or something, think about how long it would take wow, how fast do chickens spawn?

howw many chickens are therere??

I won! cool game!

I love the feel of this game. Especially the controls. They are so smooth XD. Cool Game!

classic! This is not much of a game, but uh well a dumb little bow and arrow release shoot kind of thing, don't play it.