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this is the most puzzley puzzle game there is out there!

7 6 was the hardest level for me

woow this looks professional! I was playing on Mega Hard difficulty: since my screen is too small for the window, I rotated the screen, meaning I could only view one half of the window at a time, so while amongst playing the game, I was also constantly dragging the window to the left and right at the same time as the already impossible work schedule XD. This game is very neat, I like the style!

lmao I spent like 10 minutes searching for the last milk bottle and avoiding all the babies because I thought they were enemies that would steal the milk bottles when all that time all I had to do the opposite XD

The player controls are so smooth. This is *just like* a skid car game! I am just zooming round the track and skidding everywhere. You gotta add dust particles and change the main character to a car with speeding sound effects!!!

I honestly don't understand how people come up with such creative games. I can see (or imagine) how this game evolved through its different stages and all the similar possible versions that could have existed. This is a very cool game with a relaxing atmosphere well done!!

woah there... I love the theme interpretation! I like the fact that I don't even need to read the instructions in order to play this game since it is intuitively taught through the level design. There is just one thing though, could you remove the "replay" feature since I think it kind of ruins the game and it would just be more fun to have a jetpack and teleporting :D

Suppper satisfying~~~

I love the fact that there is no year limit. Also this seems like a classic basis for a sci-fi novel :D

huh that is weird. this game can be quite confusing so in order to avoid jumping into the code (which I have already forgotten) I will just peg that with "user confusion" and totally not "creator laziness". I am impressed that you completed the game twice!

I don't know what you are talking about >:3

Thank you!

haha, they took just as long as the actual game coding XD

thank you very much!

Thank you! it is not clearly stated, but 'r' is reset :)

I am very glad the theme came through in this thank you!

shoot hmm I will look into it great feedback thanks.

Yes but like, Howw

How do you make assets like these?

:) Thank you

lol,  Thanks!

wow. This is a very good game. I can see a ;lot of time and effort has been put into it. Amazing!

Thank you very much!

This is an addicting game. I just love whacking the birds with stones. I also love how I throw a stone, and then the bird dives and I completely miss. Definitely beats the boredom!

Thanks! That was what I was going for (chilled platformer). Although I also made the mistake of adding the music in too early. So now I don't hear music. I hear all the mistakes and off key's and I literally can't listen to it anymore :P)

Thanks! yeah, I might just wanna add more levels first though ;)

Yes that would be true. The reason for that is because I think I was sitting on the back of my chair more to the right side of my laptop when I recorded it. I don't really notice though because my headphones are already pretty broken. I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of my cat on my desk eating my headphone wires :shrug:.

Oh okay, I will play for a bit longer to find it!

oh right! I misunderstood, it is ll working now :)

Oh damn, I didn't even notice! But the door thing is a feature right? ;-)

it's a neat little game :)

:D what are you programming it in?

I like the aesthetics of this game!

yeet, cool, but I can just cheat and hold down the spacebar! I like the aesthetics of this game :)

hmm, I couldn't move that is weird. I tried using the arrow keys and space but after clicking start nothing happened :/ I am using chrome

very funny too, (the burger)

I like the overall feel of this game, very good!

Oh true! that would actually be pretty cool I think.

I really like the look of this game! just one issue... hmm it doesn't seem to want to let me leave XD I have to keep playing this game forever! but seriously, I believe this could be developed further, it has the look of a professional game already. Maybe you could add a building mechanism or something. I reckon that would be pretty cool!

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I do like the sound effects XD!

also kinda easy ngl

Haha there is a glitch; if you go halfway through the door, you can see through it! anyway nice game, I like the pixel look and the speed of it. Only thing I could think you should add is sideways and backwards movement of the player when you press A, D, and S. Great game!