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I just released a new free/pay what you want UI asset pack. It's a simple Sci-Fi style UI with a range of elements to suit lots of platforms. I also made a tutorial showing how it was made which you can watch on the Itch product page or you can watch it directly on youtube.

Download The Asset Pack Here.

I would love to see a physical version of the deck! Great idea for a collectors item :)

I really enjoyed this demo. The art style and writing work very well together. The art on the tarot cards is so cute, I would love to see a real deck in that style! The reference to B*witched on the flyer made me laugh as well, a nice hint of the world being a parallel of ours but with magic. 

I just released my first asset pack on It's a UI pack that comes as a single PSD and a set of pngs (one for each asset). This pack is available for free/pay what you want. 

Download the asset pack here.

Paper UI Asset Pack

Paper UI Asset Pack

You're welcome 😊

Everything about this is so good! The sounds are excellent and I think the minimal art style complements them  really well.

This is excellent, thanks for writing it :)

This is the very first iteration of the game so it's no where near perfect yet. I will have a look at the speed value for the next update. Thanks for your feedback :)