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Sorry for the late reply. I believe I added that ability in as a hidden feature so that if people found it they can use that as a technique. However, I think I removed it in most cases, I will double check and see if I have missed anything. If I did remove everything and its still in then, I think it might have something to do with Unity and its input system. If that's the case then I will look into it further.


I have had a look at the project, at the moment there seems to be nothing that I can do to fix this so in the meantime it will stay in but I will try to look into this more and see if I can figure this out.

This has been fixed in the latest patch.

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This topic is for me to let everyone know what are the planned updates for the game and for future features to be discussed by the community. (Currently due to the amount of work required for University any updates won't be worked on for at least a month)

For the next update:

  • Nukes that will randomly spawn, which can be used to wipe the screen clear of aliens when tapped. This could possibly be a usable item where the user has to shake their phone to activate it, clearing the screen. Then when the nuke is tapped the player has a new nuke to use. *Up for discussion*
  • More indication to the player that they have lost a life
    • As elctrcblnket posted in the bug topic about not having an animation or something to show that you've lost a life, the aliens do play a particle effect when they hit the earth however it is the same as their death one. This should probably be changed.
    • As far as I am aware of there is currently no sound effect for when this happens, so adding that in would be useful.
    • Maybe add a text pop up where the earth is to also help indicate, although would need to be careful that it doesn't clutter the screen.
  • Fix the spawning of everything, currently the spawning is okay but can be improved vastly. This is due to me trying to replicate coroutines without actually using them. This sometimes causes a mass spawning of aliens which instantly overwhelms the player.
    • In case anyone was wondering, I am not using coroutines as they can't be paused and were causing problems with resetting after the player had died.
  • Seperate the How to play screen and credits screen as the current screen is very cluttered.
    • Also allows me to explain the game better if the how to play had multiple screens.

Thanks for the feedback, I believe that there should be some particles that spawn when that happens however that might be bugged. If it's not already done I'll add that into the list of things to do for the next update :)

If anyone has any feedback that would be great to hear, as for bugs, I will great a bug report form ASAP and link it here. In the meantime you can post them here, just explain what happened the conditions that caused it to happen and screenshots if possible.

Defend Earth is my first attempt at developing for mobile platforms. Currently it's only on android but I will look into working on an iOS version. It was built using the same ideology as some of the most popular mobile games released. Using simple controls and game mechanics you can create an addictive game.

The premise of the game is you have to defend Earth but destroying the inbound aliens. To do this you must tap the aliens therefore making them go splat!

If you're interested here's the Gameplay Trailer

And you can download the game here: