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1: just go everywhere, and you'll get something eventually. 2: from what i know, the answer is no.

this game is really good, and i'll be honest, i thought the game was dead, i just played the new v. and the only think i didn't like about it, was the fact that i couldn't see any of the perks i had (at least i don't think i can see them)

when i went into the female bath (as a male, i swear it was for XP) using sneak it put me in a loading screen, no end in sight yet, i tried to use the atuo save but it seemed to have saved right as the load screen happend, i should also note that i can open then menu when this happend, so it might not be a loading screen.

if you check his patreon you'll see that he's still working on the game, although at this point in time, the next update, might be the last

yes, I think so

ight, three things, what is buried beneath my feet? will the answer to this question be in your other game? and 10/10 -ign

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dear lord, my eyes are on fire, i beat it, but still, I think i'm blind now.

10/10 ign - 

I was with this game since the early days, and by that I mean before Stu and Grace had pictures, but still I was with it! all around, I LOVE this game it's so well made, and what you choose really does change what happens! I don't leave a review on a game that often but this deserves it. I played the game once, before the newest update,  again, before Stu and Grace had pictures, and loved it then, but when i played this update it was even better, and I don't know why but I did the same route and it was better than last time! by far the best Dating sim on itch where the protagonist is male 20/10 would play a third time, forth, and mabye even a fith time just because there's hidden content! Dimitri, your doing a great job with this game!