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I just realized, I didn't leave my 2 cents!

A topic by Lou5xander created Apr 16, 2020 Views: 112 Replies: 1
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I was with this game since the early days, and by that I mean before Stu and Grace had pictures, but still I was with it! all around, I LOVE this game it's so well made, and what you choose really does change what happens! I don't leave a review on a game that often but this deserves it. I played the game once, before the newest update,  again, before Stu and Grace had pictures, and loved it then, but when i played this update it was even better, and I don't know why but I did the same route and it was better than last time! by far the best Dating sim on itch where the protagonist is male 20/10 would play a third time, forth, and mabye even a fith time just because there's hidden content! Dimitri, your doing a great job with this game!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks SO much for writing about the game! I love hearing people's thoughts, and it's so great and wonderful to hear from someone who've stuck with this game for so long! I mean... the days before Grace and Stu had sprites feels like a LIFETIME ago! Where did it all go? I'm almost nostalgic for those strange simple times where I worked a job I hated and scrapped together this little game in my spare time!

But like you said best, the game is better than it ever has been! I'm so glad your subsequent playthrough was so much fun for you - even if you made the same (or similar!) choices! I hope you continue playing for a long time yet.

I'm so happy you've stuck by this game for so long - and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me (and us all!)

You rule! Thanks so much!