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felt a lot of this. thank you for making it.

hope you find a way out soon.. or access to soulseek...

gardens of vextro DLC


the battles were tough.. i can't wait to see more of L. Elf's adventures in the next installment

this game is rad. a glitched up middle finger to capital-backed authority and cisheteropatriarchy, dense with irreverent humor and love for the magic of games. struck by how the world of the university and the activities in ti are abstracted to feel so alien and familiar at the same time. thanks for sharing this one nilson!

thank you for this comment, i'm glad you enjoyed it! yeah it's not always clear what is or isn't interactable.

there is a definite ending, if you're still interested in seeing it (probably closed the game already lol but maybe this'll be helpful to someone else). i'm not sure where you got stuck, but if it's in the "bedroom" area you're basically there. there's an opening in the north wall (it's supposed to be like a big sliding door that's ajar on the right side, but i think the visual cue is too subtle or the opening is too narrow, or the event is finicky or something). a couple ppl got stuck there and i just never found the time to edit and reupload it.
anyway, thanks again, and have a good one.

loved this. how well it captures the experience of dreams, in all their oblique, frustrating logic, where "meaning" is like a shadow always haunting the corners of your eye. i mean, meaning is there—it evokes something about the cold, alienating workplace; the warmth and weirdness of intimacy; capital and annihilation (on a personal and planetary scale)—but the way they're tangled together without explication is what makes it interesting. sometimes the dialogue hits a certain emotional note in a certain moment, and it just works. like the words you share with the person in the bed, the one you have to return to to reach one of the endings.

also, the art in hell is lovely.

i'm glad i eventually got around to playing this, even if it is 5 years later.

evocative poetry—getting lost in a thicket of puzzles, feeling like a root blindly pushing its way through dirt, and when you emerge on the other side—you're in this place that's bizarre, and hilarious, and also terrifying, and mournful. like one long, joyless laugh. and then it ends.

reminds me of kafka (in a good way). but with zelda references and a great soundtrack. so, better than kafka i guess. thanks for making this leeroy.

I love how tense this game feels, from the viscerality of its battles to the fragmented delivery of its morbid narrative(s). Both the visuals and prose are spare and striking; this word feels kind of corny but I think it's apt to describe Slimes as "raw," both in its depictions of psychological and interpersonal drama as well as of its unapologetic rage against institutions/power/fascism. Definitely one of the most memorable games I've played.

i am haunted by junpei iori