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Rolls, parries, combos, and skellies? Sounds like souls.

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Hahahahaha! He totally kicked me out of the game!

Edit: I had all four right at the end, and then he kicked me before I could get the gold :(

The Scavs are deeefinitely not Invader Zim. Also, the ads are amazing!

Awesome! Sometimes your games feel too difficult for a filthy casul like me, but this feels 100% fair ;,D. Love the mechanics!

Defeated the complete first level, then *WHOOSH* Chunks or whatever enters. Spamming the jump button and throwing thirty some bowling balls at him did nothing, annihilated...

If you didn't know, there was a secret ending. Happy adventures :)

Have done, still doesn't work...

Nice choice of musica!

Hi, tried to run your game on Mac but doesn't seem to be working :( How do you get past the first screen?

Hi, I tried to play your game, however with my Mac it would only show a purple screen. Clicking around, I realised I could play the game blindly, and I love the audio, but for some reason I can’t see the actual game. I tried it on different levels of graphics, but nothing’s worked so far.

No worries! Maybe you could add an easy mode? I definitely think that some people are into the difficulty, but the rest of us :/ :)

Amazing!!! Glad there were enough explosions for Ivy!!! Loved the end hahaha... :)

Really fun, short game! Reminds me of super hot.

Tip: you don't need to worry about the rest of the mouse: only the tip(Hah!). Helps a lot, learned this halfway through.

Really loved this game! The setting and the game inside the game worked together really well, and I totally didn't expect the end. I was afraid I was already dead on the second to last spook :).

This game is super fun-- but it's also maddeningly hard. I can love this game, it's just so harsh that I can't get past the third levels. The sensitive controls also don't mesh with what I want to do, which wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have such a stringent time schedule.

Basically, I love it, but it's too hard to finish the game.

How bout that magic money machine, eh?

Oh no, I didn't mean that the zine should be paid, but for a personal project it's a good idea to leave a free document online so people can read it and also offer an optional paid, printed version.

Well, you could always tell people that your project on itch is free, but the printed finished version is ~paid. I find this to be a good compromise between sharing and profiting, and people will start learning about you.

Played without sound. Still spooky, but more depressing.

Eye like that. Sneaky gif.

Of course, you’d link to our itch pages or give some sort of recognition, correct? For a moment there, I thought it meant I had to make an entire zine. (Whoof. Sigh of relief)

Hah! Try designing an entire ttrpg....

Please don’t. It hurts. Creatively and wallet-style.

Froggy here. Just kidding, I picked Sirens and went to town on the sea theme. Reading helps, like coincidentally encountering the Lorelai while looking for germanic folklore. I guess I complained and got lucky, finished in two days. But I need to work on the map... How do you scan the artwork into your zine?

Sorry, don’t know a better way to communicate to the host, but does an rpg need to have a kickstarter in order to join this game jam or publish their material? I design as a hobby and intend to release a one-page rpg soon, so I was wondering if I might be able to include my product.

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Questions about the requirements for joining the ZineQuest Jam.

This was really fun! Love the arcade style-low graph thing. However, I couldn't make it past Wave 5, and I thought it was especially hard when all the dead mobs disappear before I can get to them. Maybe they could last a little longer? I don't mind how long it takes to get the benefits, but when a mob of enemies is coming I can't wait to die... :D

Thanks for this game! Again, really fun.

This is a masterpiece! The artwork is beautiful, the story is important, and everything is relatable, easily my favorite game. It kind of feels like Pokemon Blue, if you were a lost soul exploring a beautiful world. Keep going, and be authentic to yourself! <-- This music

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Very nice. How kind, Mr. Badbadnotgood. He was "fine" waay too quickly...

Good work! Keep improving :). Maybe when you go to sleep there's a timer, and if you don't press the button it automatically wakes you up? Good stuff, sound was nice!

Beautiful! Maybe could fix the spelling, introduce void master without repeating name? Lovely aesthetic though! Would love to see this again.

Love it! Wish it were a little longer! :)

Oh, I am done working on this game, it took me way too long and I try to move onto other projects. (Exasperated sigh) Thanks for the advice, though!

Thanks! Yeah, apparently I need to add more on x statements.

[Spoiler] Okay, I'll think about that next time! I didn't put x labels on many things that aren't central to the plot. (Take a look at the boiler.)

     Okay, I will take that in mind! I played through the entire game to the multiple endings and things seemed to work but I'll look at it. Did you find the hidden room? Almost all the endings are left to the player's imagination, and I wanted a kind of low-poly gritty look. There is not a key in the second floor room, it is just a non-hostile version of the third floor room. Try examining the bathroom mirror.

     The game is a dream, if that makes more sense to you.

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No, I managed to fix it on my own and submit the game :D. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to save it! For some reason, the boolean just works better and is less prone to becoming a feedback loop. Additionally I separated the Match block from the If section, I must have incidentally done what you said.

Thanks for the help Chris! This is my first time coding and working through the game design process, sorry if I caused any trouble.

Hey Chris! Ran into another mishap; for the coding in a certain section, after I set the graphic, it won't let me move out of the room. I swear, this'll be the last bug haha!

OK, works now XD. Don't know why it didn't work before.

Hi, I've had an issue resolving a string of images, they end up falling on the same page without clearing the screen first, so it looks like a long line of images. Here's the code. Thanks, F!

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Okay, thank you! This is my first "coding" project, so I'm moving as fast as I can to learn and catch up. Under the Linger section, where do I put on_tick as a command or barrier?  //Never mind, I found it.