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Maybe there's a easy way for every user about a good categories ,     but I do think it will be very nice, if we can have a favori tab, 

,btw I know it will take lots of time, i just posted two quick idea....  hope i can explain them cleanly.

the purple  x, y, or x1, x2, y1, y2, :  defined by system, but  user can customize  them by drag&drop  form MORE tab.. 

the MORE tab: all of collection of our block.

the FAVORI  tab:  User user can customize  them by drag&drop  form  all the other tab to  that red heart icon.

Anyway,   this is a little bit of the topic, sorry for that. :P

just FYI,    About  the  auto-saving functions ,   it's a bit noisy, if it did a overwrite by some bad timing.   So normally we give user a free to set backup time like per 10 minutes 15min etc,

  but it's a little bit  complex .  
I think it better solution like “Zbrush”     
 has a short key for quick save like Num 9 , then it save a additional file by order,in the same time,with auto save function,if it crash, u will have a last moment file.  maybe it's more reasonable. 

Take your time , We have patient ,    :D ...

I like asset forge, it's simple &useful,   I want to ask a simple& stupid function, 

Could your guys fix it,    after 30 minutes  model with this tool,   then I click  new by mistake, 

every thing bacome to zero,,,,,, that's kind of sad  T_T, at least , give us a alert window, like (do u want to save it or etc)

Thanks for you great  tools,  

and I will post a tutorial about customize block from 3dsmax to assetforg.  it's super simple,   

nice job again, assetforge.

Thanks for your reply !!  nice works.