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TL;DR: Possibility: yes. Chances: slim at this point.
We would love to create a setting book for the Riven Realms. Unfortunately, those are not quite financially feasible so we need to gather significant funds first to sustain ourselves to take on such a project. Hopefully, we will get there eventually. 🤞

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Glad to hear you land here! We try to be everywhere so future players could find us 👍

Hey, the intent is to bring the game to as many players as we can. DRM-free option is definitely planned the question is when and where. But it's going to happen, and soon after we are out of the woods with publishing on the biggest portals (allowing us to focus on the rest while - hopefully - need not to worry about running out of money on the spot).

Feel free to use the info-vagrus-com email address to reach out. Thanks!

Thanks Sergeant! All the best to you guys at Rezzed in April with Empires in Ruins!  👍

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Thanks a lot! GDWC looks like an awesome championship for indiegames. Do count us in! :)
P.s.: Would you be okay with us  quoting this part? 'One word : WOW! Truly loved paying the game! The soundtracks are amazing and I really salute the work here! Keep it up! ' 

It's not easy at all, so do not feel bad about it. There is a point when you realize you have to make sacrifices in order to survive.

It's hard to give tips here without spoilers so if you are okay with that please join our Discord channel to chat. Cheers!

Haha...never expected to receive such an amazing review from someone who did not like the genre. It made our day! Thanks a ton for taking the time to share it. 🖤