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Very cool... loved the split screen delivery of information and the sound design. Getting the endings in the order of C, A, and B was a compelling way to experience this... hearing the ghost pilot saying, "in the next life, you're mine" as the closing note. Also the way the perspective is like... the pilot's perspective from the mech's perspective? God damn I love stories about gross weird mech identity body situations.

Thank you!! I'm really glad the ending landed.

Thanks so much for reading!

Thanks so much for reading and for your comment! :) I'm glad it was still readable on mobile. My main concern with that was that I used a silly method to make the "AM:" and "KC:" tags on each message be smaller than the message text, which didn't scale the way I wanted on mobile. Not in a way that BROKE anything per se, I just didn't like the look of it.

Thanks for sticking with the story from beginning to end ~

Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed!

Thank you for reading! :)

Thanks for reading!

Loved it, so atmospheric.


I wanna say it's really only two lesbians but, if you think about, it's also infinite lesbians

Thank you! I hadn't planned to return to this one, but maybe I will if the snippy wizard academics bug bites me again...

Absolutely wonderful sequel. Just as funny, relatable, heartbreaking, and excellently written as the original Butterfly Soup. Absolutely delighted to see an Akarsha and Noelle-focused story, their characters shone so well and the epilogue was SO funny and cute. In addition to being well-written and having really great dialogue and characters, both of these games are very well designed in a visual sense and are a pure delight to experience from start to finish. I also don't think I realized before that it takes place in 2009, which is the same year I was in 9th grade, so the nostalgia factor is very, very real. I also have memories of going to the park to film a dumb video for a project and bonding over Ryan Higa videos.

Both of these games are among the very top tier of visual novels I've ever played, and I play a lot of them. It's good shit. I kind of want to replay it right away. :)

oh I love this!!!!

actually i love being sad about robots. its cool. It's compelling that the Eagle's still talking to people who have long gone (in a manner of speaking?) in the tags, at the same time she is choosing to not talk to the current passengers. 

I also like the little details like the Local Times being things like "False-Summer" and the one that's a verse

this is SO GOOD.  Immediately invested. It made me tear up for real. From layout to writing to mood this has to be one of my faves ever of your games. I can't believe I didn't play it sooner

Great game love the vibes love the writing love a space whale watching the stars burn out


I loved reading the commentary :) this collection of games is really special.

Some fantastic  guys in here

AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank u for the journey guys.

Yeah!!!! Thanks for reading! :)

Loved it! :) Really cute and fun, love the characters and character design, omg the art is just GORGEOUS. I want to EAT the colours (or sprinkle them on a latte or something). The coffee making mechanic was fun! Though I saw "jar of ghosts" as an ingredient and for some reason DIDN'T use it and I'm regretting it now bc I want the ghost coffee

TY Emma!! The only thing more petty than academic drama is academic drama where all the participants are wizards

Cute :)

Th. They're girl friends. That lake is a lesbian.

Music = great, atmosphere = great, post-storm melancholy = great... this has been my review.

(this is nattery I just changed my username)

I liked it a lot... lovely music. What is it about ghosts.....? I have an emotion about them

Reading this playbook has made me a little teary eyed... I really need to try it out.  Seems really good.