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The demo seems phenomenal already, totally will grab this once it's available. Love it!

Also, just fyi probably already aware, but: Pretty heavy lagginess when first loading on a 1080 GTX, Win10 x64, windowed mode with Gsync on a 144hz monitor. Making the window larger, much less full screening it, pushes the fps to a total crawl, sadly.

I may be missing something but when playing on PC and getting to the screen at which you are prompted to choose an event/heirloom card the game instructs to 'double tap'. Double clicking, pressing ent/space/z/x/c/v/etc. and bunches of other keys don't really do anything, but I may be missing something obvious?

Grid based? Turn based? Cool art style! Love it. Simultaneous turns where all player characters go then all enemies go? Hate it. :(