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I may be missing something but when playing on PC and getting to the screen at which you are prompted to choose an event/heirloom card the game instructs to 'double tap'. Double clicking, pressing ent/space/z/x/c/v/etc. and bunches of other keys don't really do anything, but I may be missing something obvious?


Ah crap that's on me, my platform specific code must be broken and its telling you the mobile instructions instead of pc

I'm having the same issue, is there any button that will let you go past this?

As I've stated in other comments, right clicking is what it means from double tap, just leaking platform code will be fixed when I patch the other bugs people have found


I'm getting the same issue, on WIndows 10. Similarly, how do we actually select heirlooms/events, and are they used up after being used once? I can't seem to get the cards to respond, other than right-clicking to continue.