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Hi itch, 

I've just finished my 4-year bachelor study 'Music Design for Games & Interaction' at the University of the Arts Utrecht and I'm looking to collaborate with game designers. During my studies, I learned how to build interactive music systems in FMOD Studio and Wwise. I don't consider myself a highly experienced programmer, but I know how to code and I don't have much trouble learning and getting used to new languages and game engines or frameworks. 

My strengths are: 

- Music with a strong melodic theme 

- Polished Production 

- 8-Bit, 16-Bit and anything 1990s (I own two racks full of synthesizers from this period) 

It's a bit difficult to describe music in text, so I recommend listening to some of the tracks I posted below. 
I'm looking for projects that are on a professional, industry-standard level, that would look good on my portfolio and where the game would benefit from my music. 

My Music:

Step By Step 

An electronic piece with a strong melodic theme, which would fit well with a 2D platformer. 


Cold Days (Cat Village Theme)

A track written for my christmas game 'Binky's X-Mas Hunt 2020'. Since the game has influenced from platformers from the 90s, I wanted to pay homage to music from this period. For this I used several synths and sample CDs from the early to mid-90s to create a funky, x-massy theme for the opening level of the game. 


Somewhere In The Forest (Music for an RPG forest area) 

A peaceful forest theme with multiple versions, each made for a different time of the day. Shows more of my calmer side, musically. 


Undercooked Underling (Theme of Omelette) 

I wrote this theme for one of the main villains of a Sonic fan motion-comic called 'Sonic Legacy'. This villain is a bit quirky, so I wanted this to be reflected in the music. 


Step By Step (8-Bit) 

This is the same piece as 'Step By Step', but an 8-bit version. With retro-styled games, I find it important to stay within the limits of the soundchip of the console we're emulating, in order to get a more authentic sound. Instead of using full chords, I made use of fast arpeggiated chords. 


Gyrus: Rivalry of the Gods 

This is a trailer for an upcoming game called 'Gyrus: Rivalry of the Gods'. This project shows more of my darker musical style, using distorted guitars, heavy percussion and unsettling sounddesign. 


Interactive Works: 

I've also made some games myself, using Game Maker Studio 2 and Unity. 

Binky's X-Mas Hunt 2020 

I made this game for christmas, including the soundtrack. It's an homage to platform-games from the 1990s. The soundtrack pays homage to the styles that were popular during that time and also to music from certain games I grew up with. 


Techno Mouse (prototype) 

The idea for this project was to create a game where the soundtrack gets created by every interaction between the player and the game objects.  


If you're interested in collaborating with me, send me an e-mail at: or send me a message on itch. 

Yes! You did it, congratulations! 

That stream made my day! 

Maybe try disabling the built-in controller support by pressing F3 and then using a program like Joy2Key to bind the keypresses to the buttons of your PS4 controller.  

Thanks a lot! Yes, the walljumping takes some getting used to. Are you using a controller? 

Thanks Mikan, I'm glad you like it! Merry Christmas 

Thank you very much Grimbag! I really appreciate it :) 

Hi Peter, That sounds good. Do you happen to have something like Discord or anything else we can chat on? 

Ah I see, I'm actually looking to join a project that has something playable (I work better that way). I might join in a later stage of development if that's okay? 

Hi Jason, I generally don't do fangames, but sometimes I'm willing to make an exception. Do you have something playable to show? 

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My name is Lorenzo and I'm looking for a project to join. I study Music Design for Games and Interaction at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), Netherlands. I want to get some experience and add expand my portfolio. 

Here's some of my music: 

I'll do non-commercial projects and game jams for free if they interest me. Prices on work for commercial projects will have to be discussed. 

I know how to work with FMOD and Wwise. I can also work with trackers (IT, S3M, XM etc.) and know how to get tiny file sizes if it's relevant to your project. 

-Lorenzo vdH