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Keep trying! You are indeed very talented as they said! This project bears a lot of potential within it I really liked the idea.

Continua tentando mano rsrs

It's not a bug, I made the same post thinking that the problem was because of my display that runs in 144hz and accidentally discovered the way to slow it down after mess with it a bit. When you are in "Free Play" mode, down to the bottom left you will see a number with - and + sings alongside them, you simply choose the minus button until it slows down to your liking. I'm not sure before, but I think that thing is a new feature to moderate the speed of the gameplay. I hope it helps!

Aren't we all? lol

acho que na nova versão eles introduziram um seletor de resolução se não me engano, fica um pouco cortado ainda por meu note ser 3000x2000 mas é melhor que nd

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buuuh é verdade, tenho que atualizar isso já. To com 21 aninhos kekeke

P.S:  vi agora que botei born em 2020 meu deus kkkkkkk que desatenção 

Uai tu baixa e esquece no HD por anos? Kkkkkkkk oh céus parece algo que eu faria. Minha primeira versão foi a japonesa também, precisa rodar com o Locale emulator. Coincidentemente morenatsu foi meu primeiro VN (acho que também foi de muitos). Infelizmente a rota que eu mais queria do nosso amado husbando torahiko nunca saiu :(

P.S: Não se deixe enganar uwu, o perfil pode ter nascido em 2020... mas, venho jogando bem antes que isso, morenatsu joguei em 2014/15. Começei a jogar outros vn la pra 2018 também. Criei a conta pq já estava começando a acompanhar vários criadores (e era um saco procurar 1 por 1).

Huh, people are still playing old morenatsu? I'm so glad I'm not the only one willing to let this gem die. Ten's route caught me completely off guard when it first came out on the revisited version (not this one) and I loved every second of it lol it gave me hope that morenatsu will be completed someday.

P.S: Cheers from a kitty to another... E de um Br para outro uwu

I literally just downloaded 1.03 yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I come back and there is a new update lol (not complaining ofc, keep it up :P).

Congratulations, if you are actually bitching about school and their age then I award with the trophy of the "saddest life in the world". It's just so stupid I don't even know what to say. Is it so hard to just close the browser tab instead of looking for reasons to bitch and complain? God, you are so awful... Ugh I'm disgusted 

Oh boy, gotta say this update is awesome! I had my doubts about Devon's new sprite, but after this update I got used to it and I actually think it's better. Also happy to report that I found Klaus' route and loved it even though he is a bit weird lol :P

Btw a suggestion, if you guys are going to change sprites it would be better to change for the characters that are getting their route updated, it give time to us players to get used during the playthrough to it as I just did with Devon.

Oh, and before I forget, it seems there is a bug at the end of Klaus' route. His purring seems to be in a infinite loop even in the author's notes. That's all I guess see ya! :3

Ah that’s fine, as long as don’t forget about the project (and us) we’ll be fine, take the time you need =3

Huh, very interesting. Characters are well drawn and the content is great so far

I thought this was on hiatus, but apparently it isn’t since there’s new content for patreons (I went to your patreon to check). Sadly I can’t be one for now due to the lack of money and a job, but I’ll do my part and give a 5 stars rating and help the game spread even more. Good luck, I’m rooting for you :P

Don't worry, he's already uploading

Don’t jinx it, for the love of all that is sacred in this world. I can’t take it anymore 

oof too bad, I’m already annoying my friends and I’ll tell ya. I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying 

Very well, I’ll try.

I noticed that by using drill guard I was getting somewhere but still died later. Thanks for the tips :3

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Yo, in this new update the battles are kinda hard :v can't get past flavens and the trio with jacob & co. that being said... heeeeelp :s

Lol I'm glad it ended up being the MC, it brings me much joy hahaha. It also shows that you are a man of culture which is even cooler :D

Don't worry about keeping me around, I'm already bound by invisible chains with this vn (downloading new ver as I text this :P)

Cheers to you and your friend! :3 o/

I feel you my dude. It was the same for me, now I'm addicted to this :v

There is a lot of blushing involved lately >.> my spider senses are tingling. Something good is about to happen hehe

This game so far is good and I must say, it has a lot of potential the general concept is very interesting and I feel like it's only going to get much more interesting from now on.

I get why people may not like it so much (It's not your typical dating vn although it will have romance ) it deals a lot with sensitive subjects, so if you are a user who may be affected by it, just don't play mate. I see some people here saying the game is trash without giving any sound reason (sometimes not giving a reason at all) and I must say, if you don't have anything good to write, then it's best if you don't write anything at all! (TendoMendo, I'm sure you know it by now, but just ignore the senseless hate).

I also found myself impressed and amused of how similar our philosophies about darkness and light are :P.

Anyways, that's enough of rant lmao. See y'all on the next update :3 P. S: I also love the fact that the MC is a fellow Brazilian lol. It feels good to have some representation (specially among a lot of vn with an American/Japanese background). Sorry bout the long text >_< I'm out now (for real).

I'm speachless... in a good way of course.  All there is to say is that I love it and want more lol

Keep up the good work, stay safe <3

Omg I freaked out when I saw Tora. Tbh, I'm still freaking out (in a good way ofc) If I liked this vn, now I love it hehe it brought me nostalgia when I least expected lol ty for that :P

Gotta a suggestion if I may. When in tatsuki day 5, the part whether you tell him or not what's happening, I suggest you change the music on that part. The happy theme doesn't match with what's happening.

Amazing  update as always, can't believe Juuichi did that to poor hiroyuki >:(

Well, at least he has Torahiko as his side doesn't him? :P

Old habits die hard lol. I believe he will stop or at least tune it down along the playthrough (him being a drunk most of the times might be just for character development reasons).

This is great for us the community and for developers as well and I agree with almost everything. I like the idea of inclusion of trans, bi (Emil from FLW is a great example, his character grew on me and the moment I knew his story, he became one of my favorite characters from that VN.)

The work you guys did are fantastic and it should be seen by every beginner writer, congratulations!

Btw, what's with the "hate" towards bane and blackgate? I didn't knew there was a problem with him lol.

Glad to see that I'm not the only brazilian who's involved in this hehe.

Have a nice day y'all!

Lmao, yes my fellow furry friend I hope you enjoy this update (cuz I certainly did. It was such an emotional rollercoaster that I almost cried). Aaanyways, I took a bit of ur time now, go enjoy the update. Hope to see you again lol :P

Hello my fellow furry friend. Did you follow WOTB instructions in the 0.40 changelog? In case you didn't I'll quote he here

"Word of warning/read this before playing: for some reason, Ren'Py screwed up with saved games on Jun's Day 26. If you load any save located on Jun's Day 26, Ren'Py will either skip you forward halfway into the new update content (making you lose a good chunk of it) or will reset you back to a random day before it. To make sure it works properly, load a save on Jun's day 25 or earlier."

If you still having the same issues I recommend downloading it again and excluding the old download so there isn't any confusion, it should work normally.


It's here!! It's finally here! Omg only god knows how long I've been waiting for this lol. I'm glad you are safe Frostclaw, we haven't heard from you in a while (I was worried and I'm glad you are okay during this crazy virus pandemic). Anyways, I'm glad to see that the project is still alive and I'll keep cheering for the entire Stormsinger Studios as well (be safe guys). 

Sure does, thanks a lot!

Wow! you update consistently don'tcha? I love it! I'm so glad you are doing this hehe the nostalgia is real. I cried and had a silly smile throughout all the playthrough.  Keep up the hard work, we are loving it <3

Also a question: Everytime I update my game I lose the savedata. Is there a way to transfer from a older version? Or what should I do? (Sorry I'm used to the Ren'py engine which import saves automatically).

I'm not being toxic, just precise. Haida asked you nicely and you ignored it and kept that. If you consider me toxic I consider you selfish for not thinking about new players when posting this. (Btw thank you for deleting it)

Extracurricular activities? 

Also, delete those posts. Obviously is not the end since there is a big TO BE CONTINUED a few scenes later.  Don't spoil for new people

Sadly I own an Iphone, so unless there is a way of playing in ios that idk of, I can't try it for now :( I'll just follow you and wait for a update I guess :P

New update? hell yeah I've been waiting for so long hehe ;3

Hey there! I can't play the game due to screen resolution issues (my notebook has a 3000x2000 screen) and because of that, some content are hidden (Like the camera on the upper right of the screen). Is there a way to change the resolution of the game? So far, I haven't been able to find a solution. Thanks in advance! :3

I'm loving this vn hehe, the only bad thing about it is that it ends waaaay too soon ;w; That's fine though lol :P Keep up with the good work and stay saaafe :3

Hey, does anyone got a tip on how to make more coins? everything is just so expensive and I got no clue on how to make more coins