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Lord Dragon

A member registered Apr 18, 2016

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The Funtime Backgrounds Devlog

It's my first time drawing backgrounds and stuff bear with me

[Day 1]

Well I sketched the living room for our little house, I haven't populated it with anything yet though.

[Day 2]

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I am an Artist looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

Helloo! I'm an Australian based artist work has mainly worked on personal VNs and RPG chat sprite but I do enjoy trying new forms of art. I have wayy too much freen time now that I've finished my general schooling so I' gonna fill that time up with a game jam. I do live in AUS so timezone can be a bit iffy but I'm usually up at 2am my time which generally work for you american peeps c:

2. Skills: Stuff you know how to do, or kind of know how to do. You can also add things you're willing to try.

-Chat Sprites

-Simple 2D Animations


-Pixel art

3. Programs:



-Pyxel Edit

4. Portfolio:


A imgur Album filled with misc art of mine, PM

5. Contact: Discord! Under: Lord Dragon #2157

Skype! Moomoocow01

I prefer discord though

6. Other: Nope! The only thing I note is that I'm extremely fond of story based concepts. And cute things. Or gory things. I'm a fairly confusing person.

Absolutely beautiful I enjoyed every last bit of it, the graphics were adorable, the story was mesmerising, and it was a relatively simple game to play.