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Thanks - then I musst have missed it. I got some save were I sneaked into everyones room with Maria. After that i never saw the Laptop again.
Well I need to start over then, since there is a skip function I could do it in a 3rd of the time because I remember the dialogues quite well.

Thanks to @hagemage for the knowledge of the Savegame Copys in %AppData%, I was able to recover some older saves from my nightly Backup.
Having your info @FtwDan too I should finde the nearest point available.

Thanks, you're right.
%AppData%\RenPy\Harem Hotel-1520575859 
There they are indeed.
Would have never looked them up since there were the local ones in Game Folder. 
Always good to know whats going on on my machine.

If I'm right you get their Lust up by having BDSM actions with them and leave them without allowing them to cum (just like in real life)

To Max Stats I can't say anything, but it seems that you cannot achieve more then a 3 star trait (or the scale isn't straight proportional) regardless how far you push their e.g. slut level

Thanks, but I'm rather pedantic, so I want to achieve everything possible.
I found an older savegame on a backup stick bevor ich bought Jin, any hints when or by what Lin's anal defloration is triggered? If it is still possible in my older savegame, I would play trough the rest a second time. If not I would chose between a complete start over or staying with the stat I had.

Are you sure about that?
On my machine the saves are in "\game\saves" subfolder, relative to Harem_Hotel.exe 

1st of all - great game, you did a really good job Runey
Currently I'm stuck with Lin. I can't get her into anal. I have maxed out all other girls traits and finished their stories as far they go in 0.8.2
However I want to win the slave challenge therefore I need that skill as well.
I got her friendship on 23, Obedience 31, Lust 2, Sluttiness 55, Exhi 14, Sub 1 and avery trait besides Buttslut and Foot Fetish maxed (golden with at least one star).
Her sister has also moved in.
I fear I have messed up :-/ please tell me I missed some clue and don't have to replay the whole game.