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This is EASILY one of the best visual novels I’ve ever read. The characters are incredibly well-written and the tone the game repeatedly sets for the core mystery of the narrative is perfect for a story told through this medium. One of the few that takes great advantage of all presentation elements that are part of the medium: everything adds up, builds on top of one another, and ultimately makes your imagination run wild. Highly recommended.

Presentation is excellent and the game is extremely easy to pick up and play (plus, it’s really fun!). Really solid entry!

Game does not seem to work in Firefox, but does work as intended on Chrome.

Working version of the game can be found in its comment section.

This game doesn’t mess around with its themes! A bit too real for my liking, but definitely worth a try.

Absolutely loved every minute of it… Making this a game really made the whole story tangible, material. Thanks for making this!

yoooooooo y’all gonna make more stuff or what? this was great, a fun little story with fun little characters. keep cultivating the seeds you’ve planted with this game, they’re sure to grow big and strong

Really fun little game, found it thanks to a video on Hardcoregaming 101.

The only few noteworthy gripes I have with the game are not being able to type out my initials on the game over screen (scrolling through the letters is so tedious!), not being able to turn off bilinear filtering, and the lack of variety when it comes to music. It's also a bit of a shame that the only significant difference between the different levels are the layouts of the tables. Also, is it just me or is there no sound for picking up plates from the tables? That's been tripping me up quite a bit.

The characters are all absolutely adorable, portrayed by really good sprite art, the few gameplay elements that were implemented are really enjoyable, and the different gameplay options (arcade, "easy", endless) made available make this game really worth the asking price!