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Woah! I appreciate the positive take from my criticism, I would definitely check back the game after some time, maybe 1 to 3 months from now or 2 to 3 updates. I won't shy away from financially supporting VN indie games like this as I did in the past so big plus for taking my feedback in brighter side as some wouldn't.

To answer the 3'rd question I couldn't provide much. Since I didn't really pass through 2 hours of gameplay which I'm assuming aren't even 10-15% of the game's entire content story, but let me confirm some information while I'm at it.

1.) Don't worry it's not the dialogue phasing or dialogue info, it's meant and necessary for VN in the first place. The accessibility and customization for word speed I can adjust so no worries. I don't read too fast nor too slow, referring to my number 2 pointers is one example(s), another is how congested some dialogues are, I'm not exactly sure what's the correct word, but I feel like whenever I read some dialogues either there's so much in one dialogue box or there's very few if you get what I mean(?)

2.) I took some time off to gather my thoughts as to why the opening scene didn't click in to me, for me one thing is lacking. Mystery. Or perhaps the lack of direction of the MC, in a way where it's completely evident that we as a player are trying to navigate the world the MC's "suppose" to be living. Take examples in Lesson in Love (LiL) and Broken Dreams (BD) they did a great examples on how to do it in a way where it doesn't disrupt the authoritative approach to MC's background. I can't exactly tell which pointers you should look, it's more about a feel/vibe.

Either way I'm glad you took my feedback with positive approach. I'm going to wait 2-3 updates worth of time before I play the game again and maybe provide my final/another criticism. Good luck on your future endeavors!

Wishing all the best!


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Alright honest take:

1.) What's our role in the story as a player, are we playing the role of spectator or the MC himself?

-A lots of things didn't hit my curiosity for the first 30 minutes of the game, our MC having a generic English/Hispanic name while the rest of the campus being in Japanese setting/scenario, even the writings in the blackboard are indeed in Kanji.

-It's hard for me to wrap my head around why should I invest my time playing the game when the opening aren't that interesting (sorry if my word offends you).

-There should be a hard emphasis if our role here as a player is either spectator or the MC himself. There's a lot of ways to approach this.

A.) Having our MC background fit the entire setting is one but a lot of VN games overlook, things like name, ethnicity, and character design MATTERS. Having said that, some portions of it just misses.

B.) IF the MC's background is already set and deliberately design to be that way, make sure it's slowly introduce and discuss in the story specially IF the game is all about our MC's environment to begin with. 

C.) Or better, there's no need to name our MC, having nouns like "Me" , "Senpai" , "Sensei" is already enough. That emphasize the fact that the game is meant to be played at the MC's perspective not to ours. Have a strong grip to what the story is all about, it's nice having customizability but that can hurt the nature of how it'll affect future endeavors. 

2.) Dumping 25% of the side characters from 30 minutes of playing a 7-10 hours long VN game is NO-GOOD. You can argue about it but you'll be in so much information that it's hard to find the value for some side characters moving forward, since you've already filter out like 25% of them already to which one would you like to know more/invest your time with. The rest of the gameplay is solely for the entire purpose of advancing through the game which just eliminates the entire purpose of having a side character to begin with. It's not just for the story, but what's their value? What're they meant for? What's their contribution? Why they're suppose to be relevant?

3.) Slowly incorporate everything. You're not running on a ticking time bomb, please. The amount of information I read everytime I click the next dialogues are absurd. You want to let your audience sit and let the dialogue be absorb fully, there's no need having PhD on literature to play/read a VN dialogues. It's fine and excusable in scenarios where it is UTMOST necessity, but not 75% of the entire time. 

This reminds of me another psychological vn. I'll check this one

Petting RYOKO???? Shiiii too lewd ncrow stop it >,<


If there's no head pat I'll be completely disappointed. Also lewd hand holding? Man only I could dream

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Hello! It's me again, great to see the game going places with the release of the rework. Would you mind telling what game engine you're using is it Renpy, Tyrano, etc...? Sorry for asking

**Edit: Nvm it's Renpy hehe

***Edit. Tried running it using Renpy launcher, seems like it's still is not compatible for AOS/IOS would glad to see the next iteration 

Hi, hey, hello!

Sorry for typing this VERY LATE (ehe) long story short, for a demo it's well made. [I had to rewrite my comment since I'm getting too sentimental about it xd] 

Overall the game works just as intended. For a demo/test version it's well made. My only ick is that at the very beginning (I'm playing on Android) idk if I'm doing it wrong or what but I can't dodge her stabbing(?) so I'm force to skip the epilogue and play the game without any proper introduction. 

I'm really sensitive to a good story introduction so I'm hoping by the release of 0.3 it'll be fix, the story looks interesting but I'll let others be the judge.

Overall 11/10 so far, keep it up!!! 

No way we almost have the same name.

Sorry, really stupid question but what game engine you're using? Renpy, Tyrano, etc...?

Looking at the game made me tear up (I haven't play the game just yet), it reminds me of Bottle Biosphere which sadly got axed due to game engine compatibility and other irl stuff dev has to face. I always have a soft spot for Runway girls/Trainer (Teaching Feelings) and I can't help but feel awed whenever I see one. I'd definitely be trying this and provide my honest review!

Upon reading the reviews for the game it seems like a good one. I appreciate devs who make both Patreon and Public release of the game as not everyone's had the financial capability to support thus the only way is to provide the game a growing community and a positive reviews. I'll see the game for myself and leave additional review afterwards. I'll be back after my slumber in the shadow realm . 

around june or july but it's nearing there, so sooner than expected

Hi OP. Just wanna ask if this is the official release of the game? Or you'd be planning to release the full version but need to pay?

Woah! Ever since I played Teaching Feelings and Bottled Biosphere I really can't get enough playing VN Runaway/ RRunaway Trainer game. I'll leave my honest review after I try your game 

Hi OP, before I try this game just wanna know if this is a game demo, or the official release?

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Thank you Kumo! Really appreciate you noticing, cheers to you. 

Hope you consider my recommendation in your last update in Demo. Would love to see that or least resemblance of it when I finally can purchase the game.

I'd be back at that time, probably be able to purchase it. Supporting you as much as I could! Keep it up Kumo thank you again, you made my day :)

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Glad to see you back Kumo, it's been a long hiatus. Wishing this game best of luck! Sadly I can't purchase the game, I really enjoy the demo. I don't know if you announce it on Twitter or Kickstarter that you'll suddenly release the Full Game and ending the latest Demo as is. I'm not complaining or anything but it such a massive cliffhanger but in a good way, just sad that I can't purchase it. 

Anyways it's been a good 5 months run with this game I'd like to see this game grow much more thanks again, thank you for bringing Demo for free. 

And yes if you're new at this game this is SO worth it check it out :)

Hi guys, so update so far in the game. I emailed op and he said that he found a full-time job so he can't focus much on the game. Aside that we'd have to wait in all honesty.

I notice the fatigue rng too. I think it's unintentional, probably some bugged codes or whatnot. The early grind from the beginning too, it's super grindy tbh. Most of the items you'll give to Fuyuka will not do much in the early stages of the game. I'll suggest buying the laptop first so you can get a hint of what to do next.

Mine didn't work too. OP has gone silent again, I wish everything's fine with him. Sadly we have to wait until OP release some patch notes or event small updates so far. But OP hinted that he's reworking 80-90% of the animation of the game so (renpy compatibility stuffs) it'll take some time for the next update. Sadge

I had the same bug. Perhaps did you already reach 400 or 200 romance level with her? Supposedly you can give her panties after you reach 400-200 points in romance with her. So just keep dating

Next big patch will probably the end of Demo. Most of the bugs will be fix at that time probably, you tell the bugs that you find here so that op can know it sooner. 

You can also join their Discord server, they had sneak peek's there for the upcoming update.

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Hi again OP! Back with a review this time.

Suggestion, maybe lower the rent increase per week. It won't be much problem if you unlock all of the things you need at the end, but if you're starting up it can be a bit of pain to manage everything, specially with the exhaustion RNG, I have 100% energy, full, and hydrated, still fainted after doing Construction for the first time. Or maybe at early stages the rent increase each week is low until you progress by buying things that are needed for the story to progress (Yes, buying such as gifts and all csz if it's the progression of the game then it will still be the same, it's easy to progress too). I ended all over starting again 😬, anyways. Besides that, suggestion to add maybe in the final Demo version or full game; 

Fuyuku greeting 'PLAYER' whenever he comes home, 

Fuyuka getting upset whenever you forget to pat her (maybe at certain progess of the game, gotta still consider that she just found the love, attention, safety and care she's been longing to find, considering her age too), 

Head pats dialogue such as 'Kiss me' or 'Say I love you' should be a viable option whenever 'PLAYER' headpat Fuyuka, it just adds more depth and sincerity to the whole headpat thing

Gifts such as Books, Utensils, and Clothings should be visible in the Apartment (Disregarding currently existing ones in the game), Customizable apartment (Beds, Bathroom, Wallpaper, etc..., Maybe 'PLAYER' and Fuyuka can buy a house together? Idk), 

2DCG Date cutscenes maybe?, 

More wholesome moments please!, 

Underwear gifts? Still doesn't work at 2.1 idk if it's only me


Wish we could learn more about her personality (Food she likes/dislikes, etc...).

So far that's it. The bugs, pretty much it's been told already, I think it's best to remove items that there's no longer any stock in the UI shops, just to lessen the confusion.

Regardless thank you for such a wonderful game OP! Looking forward to the official game version!!!

Final edit XD

The icon for Date and Headpat still overlapping to until the latest version. I'll send screenshots if you'd like.

Regarding about discord server. Do you have one that's available for everyone? In your kickstarter I only saw one (deleted) for kickstarter only. 


I really want to share my idea, and get updates about the game too. 

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Really hoping you release it on steam 🙏 otherwise I pretty much have no way of paying for the game. I'll support this game until the very end. The demo is pretty long and I can see so much potential, wish you can share to us what's your goal in the entirity of the game. We wish you the best, thank you!

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Yes. Yes. And yes!!! The game so WORTH IT!  I haven't seen anyone praise the plot. I like how the plot works OP. But i'll be frank, the last part feels rush? I feel like it could go a little bit more, she still haven't open much about her family and her history. I get it that it's demo and I'm just making recommendation. Can't wait for the official game version to be release, and if you like Teaching Feelings, this game has that vibe. HIGHLY Recommended playing this game

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NSFW on? Would the official game be free just like demo? Please I need answer 😩


Holy shit the game is SOOOOO GOOD!!! So much cliffhanger in the last part I thought you'll not include it OP. Thank you so much 😩 

Just like the other guy from comment section said, if you'll release this on steam you guarantee yourself a purchase.

Thank you dude! This lights me up, really invested into this game. Made my day, glad that OP still working on the game.

I really hope that there's a cloud save for this game. So good!

Thank you for giving it for free after 1 week. As a fan I really appreciate it, keep up the great work I'm about to buy the Patreon soon.

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Greetings dear developers. 

I have a complaint, the game won't work in my device. I'm at Android 7, but for some sort of reason the game won't work on me. I've tried a lot of VN games in the past and I never experienced this before (game's like Aurelia, Quickie) also the game flashes broken in-game textures and art style. Whenever I take screenshots of it, it won't show in the image. I have the hunch that it simply makes my phone flashes whenever I play the game because nothing shows in the screenshot. Also I took 2 screenshots error whenever the game fails to run past name changing. Originally I took the first screenshot as you can see to the second image in the top left corner. Anyways thank you for the advice snd potential help you can offer.

I really like your game, hoping to play it sooner (the Patreon version)

Here's the proof

The game won't run on my Android 7 phone version. Is there some sort of requirements needed for it to he playable at phone? I've been waiting for about 5 mins now at a blank screen without any buttons nor text to click at.

Hey OP!!! update when? I came here to fap not for wholesome and now I want more

So, I'm having a problem it seems it won't run my phone which is Android 7. Any help OP? Whenever i press start or play game it's only black screen of nothingness for straight 2-5 minute's.

OP, I really hope your game can be cloud save, or via account be it with Facebook, Email and such. It'll be way better tbh, I'm a fan of your game, this is indeed without a doubt much better than Soul knight, wishing you the best of luck OP. XOXO


Looks like Soul knight, might as well give it a try