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can i ask the proc-gen step process you use for this?  you create much more realistic floor plans than I've been able to. I'm interested in making internal mansion plans for a proc-gen thief-like game but i've been struggling with believable floor plans. Any insight would be great! (as a Geographic Information Systems programmer by trade, your city gen and mansion gen stuff is really really cool.

Can I ask what your final, finished state of the game will be? I'm interested in what the "finished state" features will look like, or is this an ongoing development sort of game? 

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Hey everyone! I've been a dabbler in game design for a while and I'm hoping to actually stick to a project till the end for once... I'm hoping will force me to keep going through a sense of responsibility.

I'm looking to create a game, mainly designed for mobile devices, mostly because I've yet to see one I like. The gist of it would be a top-down 2d survival roguelike. I'm looking for it to have a similar solitary, wildernessy feel like that of unreal world. Of course I'll be adding my own flair to it, while trying to expand upon/simplify/or redesign things the way I'd prefer them.

For those who haven't played Unreal World, my game will be a wilderness survival game. You will start with very little, and have to go out and fend for yourself. This includes creating shelter, finding food, and possibly making your way out of isolation. Key concepts I want to explore is an in-depth hunting/trapping mechanic.

Catching Food

I would like to try to create more realistic methods of hunting and trapping than the ones you traditionally see in most games. For hunting this involves knowing your prey, tracking by following signs of passage and tracks, and realistic methods of approach. For Trapping, I would like to explore traditional forms of low-tech hunting, running trap lines in well trafficked areas, knowing the type of bait to use, and correct trap placement.

Shelter and Crafting

The game will rely heavily on you being able to build shelters, clothes, and tools to allow you to survive. Seasonal weather changes, hunger and hidration will always be important things to keep in check. Building the right things will help you survive.

I am in VERY EARLY Development. So there is very little to show. But I hope to keep a decent devlog going and I'd love to hear ideas and things as I go. I don't have any screenshots at the moment, but I hope to soon. I'm working on this in unity, and I just have a moving squares at the moment.