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Awesome. I googled your twitter after Cluckles and am already following you. Aware of Cyberduck. Already played the demo web version. If I remember correctly, I had commented some feedback about hitboxes in cyberduck. Excited about your new game. Thanks and keep doing what you do.

I bought this game on steam. It's so so good. Not sure why littleadventures has disappeared from itch. Even the website seems gone. Everything ok dev?

I meant the items lying around in the game. I ran past one without noticing it on the floor. And by gloomy sound, I meant this game could use some fast and upbeat tracks. Since you said it will be added later, I guess it's all good. This is going to be a great game. Looking forward to it! 

Controller worked well for me. Game is starting to look good but it's a little too quiet and gloomy with the soundtrack and sound effects. The inventory items are not very prominent and it's hard to tell them apart from the background. The menu system is gorgeous!

Worst keys ever for Keyboard! Why set such horrible keys? Can't even be reconfigured for custom keys. Why not use arrow keys for movement, z for jump and x for weapon like most games? Game makers need to setup some standard.