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I bought this game on steam. It's so so good. Not sure why littleadventures has disappeared from itch. Even the website seems gone. Everything ok dev?

Hey man, thanks for the positive feedback on Cluckles. Yes im ok :P and Im still active building a new game currently named 'Cyberduck' (name may change in future). Like all my projects its taking way longer than i ever expected :D ... But I need to get more active on social media to promote and share my progress. I post on Twitter occasionally if you wanted to add me there you can: @lukasinspace.

Awesome. I googled your twitter after Cluckles and am already following you. Aware of Cyberduck. Already played the demo web version. If I remember correctly, I had commented some feedback about hitboxes in cyberduck. Excited about your new game. Thanks and keep doing what you do.