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Thanks, Bard was a big inspiration for @Ellardius when he put it together.

Interesting concept, but maybe trying to do too much. Felt like it was too difficult or felt awkward to manage all four scenarios at the same time.

This was insanely well made and really quite fun.

Did get caught on a few objects here and there, and in the third level I got lost. But it was amazing until then.

Some cool ideas here and there, with different gems, but the game mechanics seem inconsistent, or not designed in a purposeful way (i.e. the red gems blocking).

Also in web, there appears to be some stuff loading off screen, especially in the later levels ?

This was really nice idea, and I get what it was trying to do. Felt a bit frustrating to play though. The controls were abit inconsistent at times (especially through portals) and the Red Bot enemies just feel un-needed when the platforming between two characters was already abit difficult.

Presentation, and general style really good though !