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But look who's back!

It's been quite a while since I saw a game from you and here you are with a sequel to Midnight Scenes.

Let me tell you something dude. It was spectacular!

Let's talk about the pros and cons of it though:


Really interesting story with a very nice plot twist near the end.

Beautiful pixelated art style. Not as good as The Librarian but it has nonetheless such an attention to detail that is dvine.

Perfect length and charm to it. Just like the first chapter, this one is short but really sweet. It truly feels like a show from the 60's or 70's. And while the first game had some creepy atmosphere and one was left questioning what happened, this one had 2 moments that really made me jump a bit. Perfectly timed scare and built of atmosphere.


Not much to judge here but something I think would be interesting is to add more diversity to the gameplay. I can see that you have added some puzzles to diversify a bit but I think that adding a bit more of them or maybe even a combat system in one of the chapters would help to keep things fresh.

Great chapter and I think I will give you 5 dollars my man. You totally deserve them.


Thank you for the kind reply! :D

I do really hope that our minds connect again with your next game. I'm truly excited about it.

Wish you the best! ;)

Well... This is interesting.

I'm someone that adored your first short game "Midnight Scenes" and I couldn't wait for your next game. You should have seen my excitement when I received the notification that you got a new game out. But... I have some problems with it. It's not bad my any means, but please, hear me out.

Let's first point out the good things: The presentation is top notch, far better than Midnight scenes. I cannot believe how much have you improved. The game looks gorgeous. The pixel art is done with such love and care, you can feel the passion, and, I must say. At the very beginning of the game, I truly felt comfortable and warm in the protagonist house.

The music is harmonious and melancholic at the same time. 

The sound effects are great.

I don't like puzzles much, but they were okay. I just sometimes found it a bit frustrating to hit on everything and seeing nothing happening. I don't like scratching my head to know what to do and it pull back the experience for me.

What for me ruined the experience was the story. I understand that this may come from a very special place to you (as you dedicate this game to your father). But I couldn't stand it. I never had any clue as to what was going on and when I finished the game I just felt disappointed. I didn't get any message out of this and the bird at the end just left me saying "why?". I know that there are games that tell stories without saying a word. But in here it seemed you have trouble conveying your message. It was too convoluted.

I'm truly sorry if my criticism offends you, I truly am and I do not intend to hurt anyone with this review, but I'm telling you how my experience was. I hope that your next game is great. Midnight scenes was truly wonderful, and this wasn't a bad experience AT ALL, it just was okay for me. You have a lot of people that is loving it for what I can see, so that's good. Many people enjoyed your game and I'm happy that other people could have a better experience than I did.

I will still follow you and wait for you next game, I'm truly excited.

Best wishes :)

Why you needed to end the adventure so short my friend? There are no words to describe how GOOD! that was.

Incredible art style, really good sound design and an story that, while we don't know much, is engaging and really intriguing!

It was so good that I was a bit mad it was over, god, how good it was!

Please continue with the great work, I cannot express it enough, make this a full flesh out game, or, as it shows a clear inspiration and homage from "The Twilight Zone" make it a series of anthology games. I'm not anyone to say what you should do next, but buddy, you have potential, please continue doing this. I will follow your work really closely


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Excuse me Mrs. Did I offend you? I'm truly sorry if I did. 

Also, I just finished 1000 years, that was... interesting to say the least, I will read the document where you got your inspiration off and the reading file the game had. I will go on with the other games as well.

Edit: God, that text is long.

Em, what?  XD

Hey, I haven't played the games already, but, are you a female? Is for the name of your account. It's so great to have more female game developers on.  So kudos to you! :) (Don't worry,  I will post a comment about this package once I played and finish all of them, just wanted to post this thought of mine).

Excuse me sir, I have downloaded your game but it doesn't work, it only gives me the blender file of the game, which I can only play in until I open the door to get outside, then, it stops working, can you please look up at this error I'm having?

Creepy as hell. I even needed to took breaks while playing. Great job with the atmosphere. The graphics look excellent and is scary as hell.

The only negative points I can think of is the lack of interactivity with the enviroment and the lack of story, but all in all, a great free indie horror game that gave me more of what I expected.

Great job :D

P.D: I noticed that you took inspiration of Resident Evil 7 and P.T in the best way possible.

I applaud you sir and your team.


Great game. Seriously, one of the most interesting and refreshing title of the year so far.

Beautiful art-style, interesting world, well tell and written story.

A short but great, captivating and interesting game.

I can't recommend this game enough.

I can't wait to hear more from other games you make.

Congratulations, you totally deserve a 5 stars.

Really beautiful game, but I have the feeling that I just played a DEMO of it. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but, I feel like it should have been longer and with more character development.

If you are going to release a "complete version", I would happily buyed it.


yay! I will see if I can donate money in any way, but if not, I will be very glad of buying it. Wish you the best!

It was short but i loved it. I loved the reactions that Nadine had and the good ending (falling in love with her), was just the best, I can't wait for Hito+, but I have a question, will it be free or do we will need to pay?

Great game 4/5 stars just because it was too short

Wow, simply, wow. I`m truly impressed with your work guys.

At first, I didn't like how the game played, and I almost drop the game, but thanks god that I didn't, because, god, what a truly terrifying experience I had. You guys have modernized the edventure text genre, and I couldn't be happier that you even got a steam release.

I give it a 4/5 stars because, while it's innovative, ingenious, scary, and has a great atmosphere. I need to say that I could never get use to the commandos that we were given, I felt like they were really limited and just 1 or 2 specific words could work.

But nonetheless, I had a fantastic experience with you game and I will buy your game on Steam. I expect to see more of you, you are awesome.