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But look who's back!

It's been quite a while since I saw a game from you and here you are with a sequel to Midnight Scenes.

Let me tell you something dude. It was spectacular!

Let's talk about the pros and cons of it though:


Really interesting story with a very nice plot twist near the end.

Beautiful pixelated art style. Not as good as The Librarian but it has nonetheless such an attention to detail that is dvine.

Perfect length and charm to it. Just like the first chapter, this one is short but really sweet. It truly feels like a show from the 60's or 70's. And while the first game had some creepy atmosphere and one was left questioning what happened, this one had 2 moments that really made me jump a bit. Perfectly timed scare and built of atmosphere.


Not much to judge here but something I think would be interesting is to add more diversity to the gameplay. I can see that you have added some puzzles to diversify a bit but I think that adding a bit more of them or maybe even a combat system in one of the chapters would help to keep things fresh.

Great chapter and I think I will give you 5 dollars my man. You totally deserve them.



Thank you so much for your feedback and for your support!! <3

I'm really glad that you liked it overall and that the light jumpscares were effective :D.
In a time were most horror games have plenty of scares, I knew they would ruin the game if they felt cheap.

When I release episode 3 early next year, I hope you enjoy it at least as much as this one! :)