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Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review Ricky, really pleased you enjoyed the game and the music!

Nice work! Polished gameplay, nice pixel-art

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Thanks so much for your support 2ears, great to hear that you're enjoying the game with your family!

Thanks so much for your comments Nick, and really pleased you are enjoying the game and the music!

A very nice puzzle game - excellent and intriguing mechanics

Still looking forward to getting around to completing this...

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Thank you so much Michael!

Thanks so much for the fantastic review and rating lot Joel! I'm really pleased you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for your review William!

Really nice game. Great concept and excellent level design: Highly recommended!

Yes, now I know there is interest for one I will make one! Once I've completed the graphical update I will work on that.

Dear Owch, me and my son are really enjoying your game (though we are currently only on the demo). However we have gotten stuck in a room:

Please can you tell me how we can get the key? We think it must be to do with lighting (or un-lighting) all the lights. But we've tried both and that didn't help. We've also kill both bats but that didn't seem to trigger anything. The sword on the right can be thrown into a wall, but doesn't give access to the key? Also if we leave this room there is no way to back-track. Please help!

I really like this, any thoughts on expanding the idea?

I've only played the demo so far, but the atmosphere and mechanics are superb.

Really fantastic concept.

This is a really neat little puzzler, and a great laid-back asthetic. Great job!

Good evening Tomnic, thanks so much for leaving a review and for rating the game! I will be sure to investigate 'contraptions' :)

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Post here tips for the levels. Use spoiler tags to conceal tips.