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Dear Owch, me and my son are really enjoying your game (though we are currently only on the demo). However we have gotten stuck in a room:

Please can you tell me how we can get the key? We think it must be to do with lighting (or un-lighting) all the lights. But we've tried both and that didn't help. We've also kill both bats but that didn't seem to trigger anything. The sword on the right can be thrown into a wall, but doesn't give access to the key? Also if we leave this room there is no way to back-track. Please help!

Hi there! The Dodge Roll (down+jump) is your weapon of choice for this situation - be on the lookout for a hidden path, it might be right under your nose. (hope that helps without giving it away too much haha)

Happy you're enjoying it - tho heads up if you end up playing the full game: it gets pretty weird & creepy in the 2nd half! Nothing extreme or gory, but definitely spooky enough that I thought I should mention in case your son's especially young.

Hope that helps, and thanks for playing