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who knows how bad that would have gone

thank you i was this close to trying to port it myself

asking for vs cye again

there isnt any notes again

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can you do cye please? no one has done it yet for what ever reason
(only thing i can think of is that bf's and cye's voices are seperated i can give you an unseperated version if you want to)


vs cye please i am trying to get people to port it and noone is doing it for some reason

i take that back the loading times on freeplay arent that bad

horrible loading times but other wise i cant say no to soviet cartoons

could you do vs cye?

its fresh

nope this doesnt fix arrows on bad computers

the chart wont load for me no reason why

i found a way to reduce lag for bad computers its simple just change the characters with the 7 menu to bf-pixel, sempai, sempai-angry, spirit you can also replace the opponent with gf since it means it will load one sprite less note that this wont help if you cant load the week like i cant load week 2 so i cant use this

i gotta agree here the game is getting laggier with each updates on a chromebook most of the weeks are just unplayable because of the lag on my gaming computer i dont have that much problem with the exe version but the html version still lags sometimes 

ok now i just redowloaded it tonight and it works ive dowlaoded it like 5 times this morning i have no clue if no time to play did something but thanks? i guess i dunno if you get the same error wait? i dunno

yes it is the dowlaod gets to the end and stop saying that im not allowed also im doing this form the website

ive been  trying to download lisa:the hopefull and it downloads normally but when it finishes it says error - not allowed



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i've got an idea for the game! you know how its fnaf:PUGATORY you could do a new game/mod for the game fnaf:hell the change for the game would be heaven harder and change the look of the place and the animatronic (or any idea you have for this) you could ad a new animatronic some kind of secret

else than that the game gameplay and mecanic is great just the jumpscare they should be louder/scarier so it actually scares the playe