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aw poo

I wan wandering if it ganna be multiple play as such nsfw game but it sounds neat

is there any cheatcode

Is it like mobile???

its too good

I feel ya man

Oh i loved the game so much but didnt was free to play? Or was i playing the demo caz i still remember the game was free. Plus whats new when u buy the full game?

Is it possible to make it sandbox or somthing like it caz i'll be happy and maybe others will too

no updates :sad face:

can yall tell me the codes im too lazy to do the game

when is the update


im waiting for the update bru

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we need more lore

when is it coming out on

im done with all everything and idk if i should have an ending or someone say like "game in progress" like cmon am i missing somthing???

idk how to get lvl 5

thx for telling me that it helps me and sorry if my comment wasnt real

thx for telling me that it helps me and sorry if my comment wasnt real

For anyone who want to know the owner of the game is actually gave up on it and now he is just chilling or idk but im sure he gave up on this game for anyone want to know if it going to be in android or mobile

yes and she ask me to show her how to download it :)

i dont know how to get ice wood

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can you tell me how do i get ice wood

bro this broke my pc and when i try to fix it my sister saw everything

same to me i did use firefox and chrome

its cool and all but i think if u make on mobile it prob be better

i mean when download