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Sorry if this is posted twice somewhere (I thought my review would appear here):


What a fun and challenging game! Thanks for sharing it!

Of course, the foundation of a good puzzle game is a solid core mechanic, but I also feel like the overall presentation is just as important: I need encouraging audio and visual feedback to keep me interested in tackling each puzzle. And this game has it all!

The core gameplay was definitely a challenge for me; it took me a little while to wrap my head around how to best position the snake (especially the requirement to bring the snake off the ground to place the blocks), but the smooth visuals, the encouraging sounds, and the branching levels kept me motivated!

Even though I'm terrible at it, I especially like the "Arcade" mode. Excited to play more!

Thank you so much, Brad! I really appreciate all of the kind words! :)

Thanks so much for playing!

You're not wasting your time in that you're now playing the game on your own terms! (But, no, nothing happens after the lights go out ;) )