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Hey, unfortunately we do not have an Android APK outside Google Play.  

We're happy to announce that Blind Drive has been nominated for the prestigious Independent Games Festival Awards in the Excellence in Audio 🔊 category! 

And we are celebrating this with a spontaneous WEEKEND SALE 🥳

So if you still haven't played this crazy high-stakes audio sugar rush, what better time than right now :)


An audio-based black comedy action arcade game - Blind Drive is a video game you can play with your eyes closed! 1st person hyper-realistic audio adventure meets fast paced arcade gameplay, driven by an insane B-movie plot.

Play as Donnie, trying to make a quick buck in a scientific study but quickly finding himself in over his head, cuffed to the wheel and driving blindfolded. Plus he’s late for dinner with Grandma.


  • Hyper-immersive 1st-person audio - so good you can play with your eyes closed
  • Fast-paced, 2-button arcade gameplay
  • 27 levels of mayhem including boss fights, secret areas and a very rude G.P.S.
  • Hilarious crime-comedy story with mobsters, dolphins and your angry Grandmother, performed by a full cast of voice actors
  • Minimalistic, jazzy visuals
  • Full gamepad support including extra-fine rumble
  • Full Voice Over accessibility support. Press SHIFT+A to enable