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Thanks! Awesome game, by the way.

Some of the colors on this image are a little off, though, so picking them doesn't work. Win is #01ff00 and frozen air is #01ffff.

Oh!! I got it. Thanks.

I hate asking for help, but I've been stuck on this one since yesterday. What am I missing?

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Clear Crystal combined with the Night background is such a mood, I love it.

Thank you! <3

Sorry! There's no actual ghost, it's a fake-out.

Great graphics and music.

Really cute graphics!

Fair enough! Great job otherwise, though.

Sorry about that! Have you talked to the bushes? There are also two things in the house you need to talk to at different points in the game; the refrigerator and the bookshelf.

A fun little game! Weirdly, it only seems to be an issue if the player collides with a car; Granny can get hit by one with no problem as long as the player is already out of the way.

I love picross so I'm very thrilled to see this little proof of concept.

Thanks :)

Oh, cool! Thanks for the link.

That link no longer works. Also, a patch only functions if there's a rom file available.

Great game! I didn't manage to feed the hungry soul, so I'll have to do another playthrough. I absolutely love the ambience and the art.

I'd love to be able to download Soul Void as a .gb rom or an Analogue Pocket file. (Though if this game was made with GBS2.0 it would only be able to export to .gb.) This is one of those games I just want to carry around with me for the rest of my life.

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I am loving this game, but I found a weird bug on level 2-3.

If, before pushing the block you need to push, you dig down from the spot to the right of the rock that's to the right of the fuel station, move 2 spots to the right, and then dig back up, you'll be on top of a hole in front of a magnet. You won't fall down the hole, but you can dig back down unless you move. If you do move, you're stuck, because you can't fall down and now you can't dig down, either. Also, weirdly, you can walk on some of the water tiles underneath where the hole is.

Thank you! The first thing I experimented with was setting and remembering a pronoun choice and the inventory system grew out of that. Glad you liked!

Just bought the game and I'm getting the same startup bug as everyone else. :( 

Ahh, so I guess it was the 1.0 version that got downloaded through the Itch app. Thanks; I'll get the newer version.

I can't seem to find the language options; are they available on the Linux version?

Ohhh, it's RPG Maker. That explains it. I stopped using WINE a while ago when more games I cared about got Linux releases, but I may have to bite the bullet.

Thanks for the reply!

I'll try again! I did accidentally click "fast forward" and so I might have gotten too far into the loop.

Do you plan to release a Linux version of this?

The art is cute, but nothing happens when I click "Rewind" when I'm told to.

When declining the barber's offer of a free haircut, he refers to me as a "king" even if I'm a queen.