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LockNESS Media Production

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I too have watched this production on Instagram, and am super excited to see how things grow from here.    Since I'm not sure what your top priorities are for your next revisions, here is just a list of what I experienced.

I couldn't get the native Instagram link, nor a browser (Chrome) to download the game file.  I ended up having to use the Drive link (I think yesterday) via my own Drive app.  Actual install on my S9+ (OS 9) went without issues.  

The title screen didn't scale to fit the screen, leaving a blank bar on the left only (landscape) and noticeably cropped the top of the text.  The "Exit" button does not terminate the app.

Load times were impressively fast, even for world generation.  The only drawback was that the tips on the loading screens were not up long enough to read them in their entirety.  

I love the colors, the low-poly renders, and the random world generation.   I think the UI is simple and clear.  (I think the static joystick was a really good idea) Overall I think the buttons and menus may be a tad small though.  I found myself struggling to read the menus and was missing everything except the joystick quite a bit.

The only gameplay thing I noticed was in regard to mele and magic.   More of a question really.  I was curious about the hit/save rates because it seemed like my mele hit percentage was disproportionately low.  I think I only managed to dispatch 2 skeletons max in one life...after much running and waiting for things to regenerate.

All in all, I really like this game, and want to see where it goes.  Let me know what your production priorities are and I'll make sure to test those more heavily. 


LockNESS Media Productions